You're all prepared… ready to deliver the most valuable content EVER and NO ONE SHOWS UP. Dude. Seriously!! It's OK!! The power of the replay and repurposing of your FbLive content is even greater than the power of actually having live viewers. Today, I'm going to take you on a wild ride and give you 15 WAYS TO REPURPOSE YOUR FACEBOOK LIVE CONTENT.And, if you are ready to really rock your Facebook Lives, so that they bring in a flood of leads, comment below with the word CLASS. I'll send you access to our upcoming Facebook Live Client Attraction Machine Masterclass!

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  1. So is it better to link back to the original video where it lives on facebook or a video embedded somewhere?

  2. You were amazing! That’s the NY coming out of you šŸ‘ I was born/raised there!!!

  3. how are you going live in 2 groups at the same time Molly? I see you both in Cam Conf and also in FB automation.

  4. Ann Rusnak says:

    #nugget Link to snail mail/paper

  5. Mary Barnett says:

    Can we repurpose videos that we host in a secret/closed group, back onto a fan page too?

  6. Shondell your taking her class?!?

  7. Ann Rusnak says:

    You going live today didn’t show up in my notifications… only in messenger and messenger doesn’t open in my FB ipad app… I need to come on my computer to watch by clicking the messenger link.

  8. Yes! Aprel, Instagram help!

  9. I’ve been looking on information on live streaming for a while and I’m so happy my friend linked me in!!!

  10. Ann Rusnak says:

    Yes I do have notifications on

  11. Jen Shields says:

    Iā€™m not in your group yet but have a lot of screenshots for you…when are you choosing the winner? I would like to post them for you šŸ’–

  12. Hi do you know if there’s a way to go live on my fb besides FB since I’m in fb jail because I went live during a concert

  13. January Lee says:

    That’s what I do. My lucky hubby.

  14. Use your friends account. Been in FB jail B4!

  15. Thank you!!! Tons of nuggets!!!

  16. How do you make your live with so pretty banners and your pic….do you have a link?

  17. #nugget video ads as cover image

  18. Engagement add! Get folks to COMMENT below. That will BOOST the post. Keep your ad in the NEWS FEED so it can accept comments.

  19. Barb Roba says:


  20. So is it true that FB does not like links that don’t remain on FB? I had read its best if I have had a link to my blog to put it in my comments section in FB.

  21. Ok definetely I will do my new website on wordpress so….or I could use it with squarespace as well? Trying to decide and it is so hard! šŸ˜± Any suggestion?

  22. Whaaaaat??? Sharing all automatically???

  23. #nugget the rp is just incredible I will definetely using it!!!! Wow

  24. Press and hold works now in my android!!!!!

  25. #nugget all this video is just crazy full of amazing things!!!

  26. Stacee Lynn says:

    NOUGAT – #15 FAQ ā¤ļø it!

  27. Tejal Patel says:

    Can you send the website with the transcribing the videos for blogs you mentioned?! Great nuggets as always Molly! Thank you so Much!!

  28. CLASS – fabulous live thanks Molly

  29. Catalina Zak says:

    Replay!! First time here

  30. Great video! Loved all the nuggets!

  31. Shut the front door! That’s amazing!

  32. Jeff Garrison I think you can use the info about 10 minuets in

  33. Tammy Coin says:

    #nugget. All. Needed this info!

  34. Tammy Coin says:

    found out I can’t make class tomorrow, live. Will there be replsy?

  35. Lynn Plata says:

    Nugget: use BeLIve and use frames and get a video cover on fb page!

  36. #nugget how to engage live videos

  37. #nugget create faq from objections

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