First of all, READ THIS POST about putting together an audition book. It has all of the basics of putting together an audition book.

Keep in mind, the internet is filled  with websites that will give you lists of the type of songs that you need to have in your book. I like to start my students by keeping it really simple. We start with 5 songs, a Classical Uptempo, a Classical Ballad, a Contemporary Uptempo, a Contemporary Ballad, and a Pop Song or Novelty song that you really love.  Most of my students have more than this in their books, but this is a simple way to get started. (I also love Andrew Byrne's post for Backstage – 5 Songs Every Actor Should Have in Their Audition Book.)

All of that is fine and dandy, especially if you have a voice coach to talk to about all of this. But, if you are being super self sufficient and trying to learn as much as possible on your own, you might not have any clue where to start. If you download sheet music from the internet or copy music from the vocal selections you could end up with a song in the wrong key.  And, how do you know where to cut the music? How do you know where to start and end?

I'm going to start a mini blog post series dedicated to the AUDITION BOOK. But today, I'm going to tell you THE BEST PLACE TO START FOR MUSIC IN THE ORIGINAL KEYS AND REHEARSAL TRACKS.

The Musical Theater Anthologies are a GOLD MINE! If you don't have them. Get Them! Start with one and build a collection. Add them to your holiday and birthday wish lists. Make the full collection in your voice type a goal. They. Are. Awesome! And… be sure to order the copies that come with accompaniment CDs. They play EXACTLY what is written on the sheet music. Here's a link to get you started!


I'll be doing a post about the best way to cut your music for an audition, but if you are looking for a quick start to 16 bar cuts go for this book!

Here's one for gals…

Here's one for guys…

Remember to copy the music in these books at a reduced percentage. (92% is great) And then place it in to a 3 ring notebook with NON GLARE (MATTE) sheet protectors. And, as usual, these are affiliate links, but there is no extra cost to you! : )

I hope this info helps!!  I'll be back next week with more Audition Book Advice!

Molly Mahoney Shimmer and Shine


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  1. La Toya Lewis says:

    That note about photocopying these at 92% is really helpful, thanks!

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