June 6, 2018

Mid Year Slump? How to Crush Your Goals!

1. SET SPECIFIC STRATEGIC GOALS In order to do this, you’ll need to pick a goal that is tangible and trackable. AND, don’t overdo it by setting a goal for the whole year. Set a… read more

May 21, 2018

Step By Step Guide to the GDPR

GDP… what? GDPAaaaaaaaarrrrr! Don’t worry! YOUR STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO THE GDPR IS HERE! If you are doing any sort of business online, and you’ve not heard about the GDPR you’ve most likely been… read more

May 16, 2018

Fun Ways to Stop Saying UM!

**Show Notes are READY! Comment Show Notes for access!** One of the questions we get more often than any is… “How the heck do I stop saying “UM.” Once nerves set it… YIKES! Live video… read more

May 16, 2018

How to Stop Saying UM in Videos

“Molly, how the heck do I stop saying “UM” in videos!” I hear this all the time! Once nerves set it… YIKES! Live video can be scary. We know that when you use BeLive, you’ll… read more

May 15, 2018

Broadway Themed Open Mic Night!

Join us here for a sneak peak into the Ghost Light Vocal Jam! Oooor – you could show up LIVE IN PERSON to SING, or to enjoy the show! Get your tickets today at… read more


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