DANCERS! This is so seriously cool…

I could spend all weekend clicking through the mini moving pictures on Christopher Wahl's new website, The Heather Project, featuring Heather Ogden of the National Ballet of Canada. I've included a screen shot below, but I promise… it does nothing compared to the actual website. All of these images move at the same time and if you scoll over them, you'll hear the sound from each clip. Then, click on each and it fills the screen. It takes you on a journey through a day in the studio with Heather Ogden.

Christopher Wahl describe's as “An extension of my still portrait work, The Heather Project is a photographer’s view of the moving image, as if to point the camera but not press the button.”

Click here for the full site. Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 1.42.37 PM

For more about Christopher Wahl, click here.

 Thanks to Ashley of Mein Schatz Events for the tip!

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