3-Step Turn:

Taking three consecutive steps while turning in one direction


Bell Kicks:

Clicking of the heels together while in the air.


Box Step:

A dance step often used in musical theater consisting of a step forward followed by a step across and then two steps back.  All steps form a sort of box shape once completed.


Pivot Turn:

One foot steps in front and then the body turns (without replacing or moving the feet) to face the opposite direction.


Jazz Hands:

Fingers are spread with loads of energy. As seen recently all over the current Broadway production of Pippin.


Kick Ball Change:

Kick with one leg followed by two quick changes of weight from one ball of the foot to the other.



The natural movement of the arms while dancing.  The arms are most often in the opposite position of the feet or legs (i.e., if your right foot/leg is forward, your left arm is forward).



Shoulder shaking: alternating in a rapid motion.