Easy Content Repurposing!

Feel stuck to your computer feeling like you have to keep creating content? You know content is important, buuut want to live your life and serve your clients? I've been there! And now, I'm honestly amazed at how much family time I'm able to make room for… while staying consistent online and keeping our community engaged and supported! Know how we do it?

Content Repurposing!

We take every video and turn it into at 15 Types of Content. AND those 15 types of content can literally turn into an unlimited amount of posts, videos, articles, gifs and more. To give it a round number… let's just say each one can turn into 10 pieces of content. That would mean ONE VIDEO turns into 150 pieces of content!!??

Content that can lead your community to your products and services!!! WHAT!!??

Content that shows up on it's own even if you are in the pool playing with the kiddos! WHAT!!??

Content that supports your community while you give your best self to your clients and your LIFE without sabotaging your offers. WHAT!!??

YEP… It's for reals yo. So. Awesome. AND, content that you are a team member can literally create in minutes a day… once you have the right system in place.


Steps to Repurpose Your Content

Why do you want to repurpose? 

When you are creating content that is set up to move people to the next step on a journey, to opt in to something or purchase, you want to design it in a way that speaks to your community, letting them know that you can solve their problems. The problem can sometimes be that creating this content is time-consuming. 

Because of this you want to create a large piece of content that has lots of information in it so you can separate it out into smaller pieces. Each piece is moving your community forward in the buying journey. These sales are the tangible way that you know you are making an impact. So what would you love them to eventually buy? 

    • In my case, I am using my free marketing video to teach you that if you follow the structure taught in my course, Camera Confidence, and utilize the tools we are talking about today, it is actually super easy to create this content.

You may have seen our Map to Millions, which is an infographic that shows you all of the ways that it’s possible to repurpose: a blog post, a gif, a show note archive, a Facebook group, an IGTV video, YouTube, LinkedIn, and so much more.  From figuring out what you are selling, you are going to move backwards from there. The question you will now ask yourself is: What do people need to know in order to buy from you? If they need to know your products are all natural, maybe they don’t care yet, so you need to create a video to teach them why they should use all-natural products.

From that point, you will create this large piece of content, such as a video, a blog post, or a pillar post (which is a very long post with lots of juicy subpoints.) This content should be bullet pointed so it is easy to repurpose. You will take each bullet point and do something else with them, and each bullet is how you know where to divide the content. Then you will set up your tools. 

Repurposing Tools

    • Be.Live– One tool should absolutely Be.Live! It allows you to pre-schedule the video and set up your agenda ahead of time. Even when I have tech snafus like I did this morning, I know how to use these tools and the structure I need to have in place so I can still show up and make this happen for you. Even if my power went out again, I would be able to reconnect (as seen in my interview with Ryan Levesque).
    • Repurpose. It downloads all of your videos automatically into a Dropbox account. 
    • InVideo. They have created a suite of templates for you to utilize in creating all types of repurposed content from your original video. 

Prepping Content

Prepping your content is the next step. You should utilize THIS spreadsheet that we have recently begun using internally called the Repurpose Master Info Doc. 

Every time you create a video, you add the title in the first column. Next should be your video description because that could go in all sorts of places. The blog link is the next column. The next column should include your video link. I always use a forwarding link to make the link look much simpler. If there is a tip or quote or something that you feel is the best nugget you’ve shared in the video, that should go in the next column. After the tip go your bullet points, each one in its own column. If you have guests featured in your content, you could include the guest name and their social media and website links so that you can tag them properly.

  • One of our repurpose strategies is the Speedy Recap, which is a shorter video inside the longer video that we can cut out separately as a teaser for all the great content you get through watching the longer-form video.


Diving Deep into InVideo

The templates here were created from an interview I did with Steve Dotto who does a weekly masterclass on InVideo, so you can see both of our branding here. Some video templates include the explainer, the lead up intro, the single quote, the stand-out snippet, the live video promo, and the blog to video. Yes, you can actually turn a bullet pointed blog post into a video. 

Let’s walk through the single quote video template, which will include repurposed content from this week’s video. You can use this template as a vertical video or a wide video. This is perfect for social posts. 

*Two things I want to show you right away to allow you to instantly change this so that it matches your brand. Oftentimes, I love ScreenFlow to edit long videos, but I get stuck in knowing how to do little detailed things like transitions and location of pictures.

Click “Use This Template.”

Click Edit on the right. 

Click “Change Project Colors.” – 

  • You can actually set your brand colors ahead of time in your profile through the Brand Presets section. When you go to Brand Presets, my typeface, colors, social handles, and my logo are all there. But you can also change the colors to match your brand. 

Click “Change Image” —–> Then “Uploads”

  • Since you probably don’t want my face or my quote in your video
  • If you want to upload a video that has no background, you can swap another image in. It will give you the option to Replace or Add a Layer once your new image is uploaded. Then you can preview the video with the new image.
  • To replace the text, you can just copy and paste text in the box on the right side of the editing screen. You can also change typeface and font size. If you want to move the text around, every element is easily moveable if you just click and drag.

Each video can have multiple frames. For this particular video, I am going to use this next frame to increase engagement. In order to break it up visually, I am going to change the color of the background, but you can keep it the same on all your frames if you like. I am using the text on additional frames to increase engagement to additional repurposed content.

  • In order to change the music, it’s on the left-hand side. There are tons of different styles of music and individual tracks you can choose to match your vibe. 

Click “Preview & Export” (in the upper right-hand corner) 

  • Once you are done adjusting, and you can preview the video to make sure you’re happy with its finished look. 

Click “Export Video” (below the video preview)

While watching the Preview, which will allow you to download it.

Repurposing content is one of the easiest AND smartest things you can do for your business! It saves you time and allows you to put yourself out on so many platforms to get your message out and have people throw credit cards at your face!! If you are ready and want to make sure to create content that converts check out our blog post here!

Don't forget our additional resources below and to reach out if you want more Molly!!

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