Facebook Live Foundational Training Videos


You are in for 30 awesome challenges!

We’ll be covering confidence, speaking skills, video technique AND loads of very specific tips and tricks so you can build your audience and boost your sales using FACEBOOK LIVE!

Below, you are given 30 challenges, do one each day. This will provide a months worth of daily tips, challenges, and homework!

Welcome to your first mini challenge!

Challenge 1

Accountability, commitment and the magic feather!

Challenge 2

The key to commitment.

Challenge 3

The super power behind you videos and your business.

Write your list of 20! You must cover all 5 of these categories… SAAVE

  • Skills
  • Activities
  • Appearance
  • Values

Eat- things you like to eat ; )

It’s a goofy acronym – but it helps me remember! Hopefully it will help you! 🙂

(I can’t get the WiFi to work at lax) #makeitwork

Challenge 4

Now it’s time to dig into your business!

This will help you to come up with LOADS of content ideas!

And, you’ll be able to better serve your audience by knowing the problems you are able to solve.

Challenge 5

Who are you serving?

Challenge 6

Solving the problems!

  • Who is your specific target market?
  • What is one of their problems/needs?
  • What products or services do you have which will help them to solve this prob?
  • What other products or services can you recommend to solve their problem?
  • Who else cares that they need this problem solved?
  • Where do thy hang out online?

Challenge 7

Branding Boost.

Today’s challenge is actually a big old worksheet!

It’s one of the last “businessy” things we’ll do before we get into fine tuning your live video and speaking skills!

When you go LIVE you are giving your audience SO MUCH INFORMATION. They not only hear your message they see it, they experience it!

It’s very important to make sure you are putting out a clear message that matches your BRAND in every aspect of your business.

You’ve now done a lot of prep work to get really clear what your business offers. Now, make some solid choices and stick to them.

If you are working with a larger company, AWESOME! This will help you to stand out, just make sure you are following the compliance rules your company has set in place.

What values does your brand represent?

What consistent colors can you use in your online and personal image that create a cohesive look and feel?

Setting boundaries for yourself will allow you to be creative and free in your videos without going toooo crazy. ? (You know that could be a problem for me. Ha!)

I have attached a branding worksheet that I use with my clients and it has been crazy helpful for establishing a clear message.


Challenge 8

The snap statement!

Super Networking at an Accelerated Pace.

Write a script out following these guidelines…

  • As a result of …
  • My clients …
  • They do this via…

Do you or anyone you know want…

Yahoo! In the next challenge, we start working on SPEAKING SKILLS!

Challenge 9

Take 3!

Your challenge today is to BREATHE intentionally 4 times every morning!

Watch the video for more details : )

Challenge 10

Face and Eye contact!

Challenge 11

Those crazy teeth and tongue!

Warm them up! PS!

I said cranial spine…

I meant cervical spine. Haha!

Challenge 12

Final step of the B. FAB warm up.

Body and voice.

Once you have played and tried both of these little vocal warm ups!

Challenge 13

2 Keys for “set up” success…

PLAY with your lighting, tripod angles, and background.

Be Intentional. Make choices that further your objective with each video.

Challenge 14

You hit go live…

Your intro is SUPER IMPORTANT!

Here is what to do, so you don’t lose the replay viewers… one of the most valuable aspects of fb live!

Your challenge for today is to post either a LIVE (or pre-recorded) video practicing your intro.

Here’s the guidelines…

  • Hit “go live”
  • Hold your ideal “thumbnail pose” (I can’t believe I didn’t do this today. Ha! I always do it… just going for more “teaching moments.”)
  • Tell us the VALUE we’ll be getting out of your video (on this practice video, you can simply say) “You’ll be getting awesome value today.”
  • Greet the replay viewers, ask them comment and give hearts and likes.
  • End the video : )

Challenge 15

Go Live on Purpose!

It is so important to know WHY you are going live.

You must set a clear objective and then use different tactics to achieve the objective.

Your challenge today is to use the comments below to write 3 potential “objectives” for your live videos.


Challenge 16

Go Live on Purpose!

It is so important to know WHY you are going live.

You must set a clear objective and then use different tactics to achieve the objective.

Your challenge today is to write 3 potential “objectives” for your live videos.

Challenge 17


We went through the super basics of hitting the Go Live button and LOADS of fun adjustments you can make while broadcasting.

AND… we also covered loads of technical aspects of repurposing your videos!

Thank you to Tracey Cox, Krista Farmer, Scheva Oliver Hurm and Kim Morse for joining in on Zoom!

The only challenge for today is to watch this and let me know if you have any questions 🙂

Challenge 18


You know what you have to offer, you know your target market, you have a clear objective… what the heck do you talk about when you go Live…

Here’s a list of 15 Different Types of Live Videos! Yaaaaassss!

Pick 3 that would work for your business and share them below! : )

  • Ask Me Anything
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Lessons
  • Events
  • Reviews
  • Interview
  • Top 10
  • Demo/How to
  • Adventure
  • Entertain
  • Feature a Client
  • Challenge
  • Themed Weekly Posts
  • Live Sale
  • Choose Your Own Adventure (Let them choose between two or three options – people love to tell others what to do. Ha!)

Challenge 19

The best way to overcome business overwhelm.

Do This!

Challenge 20

Elevate your speaking skills so that you can intentionally achieve your objective with each video!

Use Notes with “Traffic Signs”

If you need to, include your call to action and an intro reminder.

Vary your vocal tactics! Remember the 5 Ps of a Prepared Performer

Your challenge for today – practice the 5 Ps by saying this phrase.

“Stop Selling, Start CELEBRATING!!”

Challenge 21

Haters gonna hate! (Using my new Mevo camera and I have no lights set up… Just wanted to try it out for you guys! #crashtestdummy)

Challenge 22

Elevating your on camera persona.

Challenge 23

How to end your video so that you make the most of your time!

Your Challenge – Post a LIVE VIDEO in the group and deliver your “end” message.

Here’s the guidelines

  1. Smile!
  2. Announce that it’s ending
  3. Thank them for joining
  4. Tell them when you’ll be back
  5. Remind them of the Value you provided
  6. Repeat your call to action
  7. End with a signature sign off phrase that reinforces your brand.

Challenge 24


You have already done WAY MORE than most of the business owners in your industry!!!

All of the prep-challenges set you apart before you even hit live!

Here’s today’s challenge.

  1. Warm up
  2. Pick something you can teach us (It can be how to cut a cucumber, I don’t care! Doesn’t need to relate to your business.) AND pick a call to action!
  3. Tell someone else in the group that you are going to go live so they can cheer you on.
  4. Tell us what you are going to teach in the comments below and then write the same thing in the title of your post before you hit “go live”
  5. Check Your Set Up (wipe of your camera – mine is fuzzy here!)
  6. GO LIVE
  7. Smile
  8. Intro ie State Value, address replay viewers
  9. Teach
  10. Recap and remind of call to action.
  11. Tell us where we can find you next
  12. Give us a signature send off that reinforces your brand values.
  13. Comment DONE here.

Challenge 25

Getting the most return on your live video investment!

Use the APR Method!

Announce, Pretend, Repurpose.

SO – set a date to go live either on your personal page or business page and offer valuable info to your audience!

Challenge 26

We had our “Walk the Walk” Zoom Q and A and it was AMAZING!

Big shout out to Tracey Cox, Kim Morse, Mary Pendleton, Michelle Hernandez OC ProVoice and Melissa Rae Luttrell Amos who joined in Live.

You guys will learn loads from this about using your voice and your body/face to get your message across!!!


Challenge 27

The most important thing to remember as you go forward in your live video awesomeness.



It’s important to have a Super Objective and a Specific Objective… and after you’ve set those, giving them crazy value should be your number one goal.

Your Challenge!

  1. Go watch other live videos and really take note of how you experience it as a viewer.
  2. Go to your list of 20 problems that your audience needs to have solved and transfer it into a spreadsheet or notebook. As you hear any other problems come up. Write them down! Even if it’s just by sharing someone else’s blog post, you can offer value by solving these problems.

Challenge 28

Plan a SERIES of at least 3 videos to do live on your BUSINESS FACEBOOK PAGE and before you do the series, do a casual convo on your personal page where you let them know that you’ll be going live on your biz page with your series of awesome.


Challenge 29

Testing Testing… This is YOUR BUSINESS.

You have your own unique blend of awesome and so does your biz. You need to test and tweak!


Challenge 30

What is next… and a teaser about my new favorite fb live technique!


Secret Sauce for using Live Video for Facebook Ads!!