Ready To Elevate Your Engagement? Add A Facebook Messenger Bot in 2019.

Facebook Messenger bots are wildly effective.  They can get you greater reach, better response and more revenue in 2019.

That's because having a bot is like having a customer service team 24/7. (And bots free up your team for other tasks).

So if you're starting to dip your toe in the bot pond, there are several things you might want to know:

What is a Facebook Messenger bot?

A bot is software powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence). It allows you to set up sequences to automate answers to questions and provide information based on triggers you establish.

How do you create a Facebook Messenger bot?

A bot is created using the Facebook platform, an alternative platform or by coding it yourself. You will then need to create sequences and triggers to engage your audience.

Can anyone build a Facebook Messenger bot?

Technically yes, because there are step-by-step instructions to follow. But the key is to create bot sequences and triggers that effectively engage your audience. That requires some expertise.

Are Facebook Messenger bots good for business?

Absolutely. Bot sequences done right save time, money and team energy while serving both clients and potential clients. This elevates engagement and customer service without necessitating extra manpower.

Want to discover more of the goodness that having a bot can create?

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