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  • Uncover the daily, weekly, and monthly small action steps that make a big difference.
  • Identify your best opportunity for Business Growth and learn how you can avoid 6 Figure Success trap.

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On this call, you’ll get a full walk-through of the system that helps our clients to turn their message into a revenue-generating movement without burnout or hating your business because you’ve stopped having a life. 

If you are in a place where you hit six figures or you’re just on the way to hitting six figures and you’re ready to be able to take that, maintain it, sustain it, and scale it…

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✔️ You are an “expert” in your field, and have loads of value to share with the world.

✔️ You are making sales, you have clients, but you struggle with consistently bringing in more leads.

✔️ You have hit multiple 6 figures and just want a system so you can maintain it.

✔️ You have an existing business that’s already making money (at least 80K+ in revenue).

✔️ You are committed to being a positive person and you are ready to see problems as possibilities.

✔️ You have made sales with a a proven product/service and are ready to grow and scale.

✔️ You are an action taker, willing to go for the gold and stay committed.

✔️ You know there’s more power inside you and you aren’t sure how to focus it so that you can move mountains. 

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Because space is limited, there may be a few of you on this call, which is awesome because that means you’ll see what it’s like to be on one of our group sessions.

Unlock the Go Live And Monetize method and elevate your impact.

Let me explain how this deposit works…

You pay the deposit. Awesome. That means you are committing with your Moola to actually exploring this. And it means you are committing to your future. If you come on the call and you decide that you do want to work with us, and we decide that it is a good fit. You can apply the deposit right to your first payment for the program that you join!

If you come on the call and we decide maybe it’s not really a good fit. The deposit is 100% refundable.

If you make this deposit and you don’t show up for the call, it’s not refundable. This is a way to hold you accountable, to make sure that you actually show up. A huge part of what we’re doing in our programs is helping our community members, our clients to show up fully in their business…


When I first launched my coaching business I was an entrepreneur going in so many directions, it was like I had a pile of Busy Balls. Struggling, missing my vision, and getting stuck in The Trap.

Surrounded by opportunities, I felt like I had opened a bottle of social media champagne and didn’t know how to scoop it up and put it back into the bottle. 

I get it. I’ve been there. And, if you book this call, I’ll show you how this simple end-to-end system has helped our clients avoid this trap breakthrough to that next level.

Since implementing this system… let me share some of the results that have happened for me and my company.

I went from singing and dancing in the ensemble of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to speaking on stages like…

Social Media Marketing World, Traffic & Conversion, hosted shows for ManyChat and Be.Live, and I’m running a speaking program with Les Brown.

I’ve been featured in magazines like…

Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

We’ve helped several clients to hit their first 6 figure year, 7 figure year, and even supported in a 7 figure week.

Our clients include amazing humans like Jeff Walker, Les Brown, and Selena Soo.

My company The Prepared Performer has collected multiple millions in revenue.

And most importantly… our clients get to spend more time with their loved ones, while running businesses that bring them JOY.

Turn your message

into a revenue-generating movement

Take advantage of this unique business growth consultation! I’m Molly Mahoney, your online business coach. On this call we will discuss your current business visibility and advise on how you can grow your business with the impact of live video and a proven, personalized marketing strategy.

If you’re serious about taking your online business to the next level, this is the business strategy call you need. We provide step-by-step guidance on how to build a growth-focused marketing strategy, and show you how to get clarity on monetizing your business. Our growth consulting services are dedicated to one thing: growth. We know how to take something that is small and make it bigger, and take something big and make it great. 

I am is interested in helping you run a successful business so you can turn your message into a revenue-generating movement! Don’t wait! The time is now to apply for your online business coaching call! Go Live and Monetize with our proven tactics!

Listen to What Other’s Have to Say About the GLAM Growth Call…

“I was seriously feeling so overwhelmed. This gave me step by step guidance. Dude! I’m so grateful.”
- Heather

“Our call really gave me clarity on the missing pieces!”
- Kennethia

“Beth, a great call! You’ve been soooo legit already I can’t imagine what working with you will be like!!!”
- Heidi