It's time for another post from Jes DeGroot! If you missed her earlier posts… click here.

Do you ever find yourself in need of some new musical inspiration? Jes has the perfect FREE solution. And… I have to admit. This week, reading Jes' post forced me into a confession. I don't want to spoil her post, so read it first and then I'll confess. : )

Great Musicals Waiting to be Discovered

As you all probably know, I love musicals, and I especially love finding new favorites. The only problem is, where on earth to find them? Well, I just made a fantastic discovery! My local library is a treasure trove, filled with an entire section of Broadway musical CDs, just waiting to be checked out! As you may have guessed, I filled my arms with a HUGE stack and listened to them all as soon as I returned home. All evening, original Broadway tunes filled my world—Wonderland, My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, Spiderman, Cinderella, The Addams Family, Pippin, South Pacific, 42nd Street, Cats, and Andrew Lloyd Weber’s New Production of The Wizard of Oz. I didn’t necessarily like everything I heard, but I did find some new favorites like “I Will Prevail,” “The Mad Hatter,” “Just You Wait,” “If the World Should End,” “The Addams Family Overture,” “Pulled,” and “Off With Their Heads.” Now I know you can find a plethora of music streaming out on the internet, even for free much of the time, but I like having the CDs, reading the covers and liner notes, AND skipping all those ads. But when you’re a kid on a budget like me, you can’t always afford to buy the CDs. And, you never know if you’re buying a dud. But your local library lets you try it out and croon your heart out for weeks at a time, all for free. So next time you need to clean the disaster that is piling up in your bedroom, or you have piles of dishes to wash, make a quick trip to your local library first, grab a fist full of new tunes and get to work.

Just in case you were wondering what my top five library song pics are, I have added links to them below. Enjoy!

1. The Mad Hatter, Wonderland

[leadplayer_vid id=”531900FEAF044″]


2. I Will Prevail, Wonderland Note: It’s not a great recording, but you’ll get the idea.

[leadplayer_vid id=”5318F6661ADA8″]


3. Just You Wait, My Fair Lady  – This is a wonderful recording of Julie Andrews, that Audrey Hepburn is lip syncing to in this weirdly entertaining video.

[leadplayer_vid id=”5318F6B61FA2B”]


4. If the World Should End, Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark

[leadplayer_vid id=”5318F6E79830E”]


5. Addams Family Overture, The Addams Family

[leadplayer_vid id=”5318F70EE4C21″]


-A kid who likes to shimmer, shine, sparkle and glimmer!

Jes DeGroot

My Confession –

Hi, it's Molly again. As I mentioned earlier, Jes' post made me realize I have something I need to confess. We live – no joke – a 5 MINUTE WALK from the library I went to as a kid. HOWEVER, we've not stepped foot in the place since we moved here about 4 years ago! WHAT!!!??? We talk about it all the time, but just never actually follow through! Sheesh!

So, I'm going to commit to going to the library! How about you? Read this post for a great reason to head to your local library. : )


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