HOW TO BREATHE NATURALLY WHILE SINGING (It’s so easy even a baby can do it)

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Getting a good deep breath that you can sustain while singing is so important! If you've missed our earlier posts on breath support here are a few links…


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Strengthening your Belt


Advanced Vocal Warm Up – Breath Control and Strengthening Your Mix


Now for today's post. While I'm on maternity leave I didn't expect to be publishing many videos… but last week I noticed that Mr. Charleston was wanting to join in the fun. He helped me put together this super simple short video to help you realize just how easy it is to breath from your whole body. Let that belly loose! If he can do it at only 3 weeks old, you can too!!


[leadplayer_vid id=”534B04292A8A9″]


I'm hoping to be back to teaching by the end of May. Thank you for being patient as my belly heals so I can breathe like Charlie ; )


Molly Mahoney Shimmer and Shine



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