How to Create an Engaging Facebook Cover Video!

Have you experienced that moment when you go to a Facebook Business page and all of a sudden, the page comes to LIFE! You can't wait to see what they are offering? What makes this page different? Ah Ha! Facebook Cover Video!! We've all had the capability for months now, but still most people aren't using this technique! Join me today and I'll show you exactly how to create an engaging cover video. Plus, if you are ready to take your Facebook Page to the next level, comment below with the word DECIDE and I'll send you info about my upcoming Live Video Masterclass. #boom

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  1. Thank you, Molly, for inspiring us to use FB Cover Videos! 🙂

  2. brand video – I’d love that info please.

  3. Ashley Hsm says:

    Ashley Hearts Molly Mahoney

  4. Suzy Pens says:

    DECIDE! Sounds like so much fun but have earthly idea how! Lol and thank you

  5. Dee Ray says:

    I dont see a pinned comment

  6. Vanessa Buckingham check this out

  7. Thanks for the link,cheers.

  8. how did you get it to size in the facebook cover size. Im using a different platform since I cant keep paying for all these platforms.?

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