Develop your own UNIQUE VIDEO MARKETING PLAN that allows you to

STOP CHASING VANITY METRICS  that lead to CRICKETS in your checkbook


Ryan Ward giving a testimonial of a camera confidence course
Katie Sevenants, giving a testimonial of a camera confidence course

You know you have an amazing product or service to share, but… 

How do you get it into the hands of the people who would benefit the most?

How do you establish yourself as a leader in your industry?

How do you share the goodness of your business without feeling like a salesy weirdo??

Molly Mahoney, creator of the camera confidence course, on a phone camera

Video marketing is the best way to get…

massive organic reach, establish yourself as an authority in your space, and make a real connection with your audience so that you can better serve them and sky rocket your sales.

UNFORTUNATELY, most people focus only on the subscribers and views… 




You know what I mean…

They pick one main platform and do exactly what their favorite video influencer does.

There's no room for individuality or real authenticity.

Following a script and a rigid plan isn't going to cut it anymore…

You need your own unique omnipresent video marketing plan!

Once you embrace your confidence on camera, you’ll be building incredible connections and relationships through the power of live video in no time.

This program will give you the confidence, performance skills, technical ability, and your own unique marketing plan so you can use this free tool to bring in leads, and convert those leads into sales.  Through on-camera coaching, we offer tips on how to sound natural on camera and how to be confident in sharing your business with your audience, and the accountability and support you need to make sure your message is crafted in a way that allows you to be known as the go-to expert in your space.

If you are looking to bring in more leads, make more sales, and be known as the expert in your space. This course is exactly what you need.


Missy Garcia who gave a testmonial of a camera confidence course

“Molly helped build my confidence and develop a system to make going live worth it for everyone.”  

I was always nervous about going live cause I wanted it to be valuable information with a purpose but didn't know where to start. Molly helped build my confidence and develop a system to make going live worth it for everyone. Highly recommend it for anyone wanting to take their business to the next step and enter into the video world.”

Missy Garcia, DoTerra Blue Diamond

How I went from my first strategic Live Video to making $50,000 in just 3 months…

The family of Molly Mahoney, who created the camera confidence course

I moved from NYC to So-Cal to get married and raise my two boys. I knew I wanted to build a business that gave me flexibility and financial stability to take my family on an amazing adventure of a life.

I established myself as a sought after local performance coach, but I hit walls in trying to really expand my business online.

I knew I had value to share, but had yet to master the ability to bring in the leads and clients who really needed what I had to offer. I was tired, overworked, trying to be what I thought others wanted… wondering if I would ever find a way to find that financial and time freedom I had been working for.

Molly Mahoney, who puts on the camera confidence course, leaning on a wall
Molly Mahoney, demonstrating skills on the camera confidence course

Then I embraced the magic of Live Video. AND, let go of the idea that I had to fit into someone else's mold. In just 3 months I brought in close to $50,000 and was able to cut out a full day of work so I could have more time with my family. I've now put together a system that you can use to step into your own spotlight, to skyrocket your reach and sales so that you can help those who need your products and services most.



Kerrie Huebner giving a testimonial of a camera confidence course
Ginna Gonzalez giving a testimonial of a camera confidence course

Is “SHOW UP WITH VIDEO” Right For You?

Molly Mahoney, creator of the camera confidence course, having a drink

If you can say yes to at least 3 of these statements, you are a good fit for SHOW UP WITH VIDEO and the #camfam

*You have something valuable to offer.

*You know you could make sales if you could get that value in front of the right people.

*You want to use your time effectively like a super powered time wizard.

*You love to hustle and you want efforts to pay off.

*You want a system that can bring in highly qualified leads that will easily convert into sales.

* You want to be known as an authority in your space.

* You want to be recognized as a thought leader in your industry.

* You want to hire several team members to handle the opportunities that are flying your way.

* You want to connect with a community of like minded, positive, business owners who are bravely upleveling their businesses.

* You want coaching support so that you can be super clear about your video strategy, and accountability so you #stayinaction.

Amanda Kuebler giving a testimonial of a camera confidence course
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show up with video

Camera Confidence: Confidence and Accountability so that you love going live with clarity and joy! You don't need to be over the top and bubbly like I am. You need to be the best YOU that you can be!

Valued at $997

Conversations that Convert: Speak effectively on camera so you can connect and convert with your ideal client. And learn our unique Story telling framework that brings your community along for the ride… right into your offer.

Valued at $497

Camera Equipment Basics: You don't need to spend a bagillion dollars on your set and your lights to establish yourself as a successful authority. This module will show you how to show up like a million bucks with tools you probably have at home. (If you want to step it up and look super profesh… we'll show you that too.)

Valued at $497

Business Foundations: Know the unique magic behind your brand, your ideal client, and what you offer, so that you become top of mind when your audience needs the solution that you have to offer.

Valued at $997

Content That Converts: Develop a plan that works for your life, provides massive value for your audience, and brings in leads that easily convert into sales.

Valued at $997

Social Sales Stars: The real secret to unlocking organic reach and getting more of the right people to see your content… and then move into your offer.

Valued at $1997


Your Unique Video Marketing Path: Will you Go Live? Will you focus on Short form content? This is where the real marketing magic begins to come together… put your plan into action! Test, get feedback, and make adjustments so that your viewers not only convert into sales, they become your biggest champions who can't wait to share your products and services with others.

Valued at $997

Up To Date Training and Support

Cha Cha Cha Changes: With all of the changes that are constantly happening, this is the GOLD you've been waiting for. Stay up to date with brand new trainings, feedback, and support. 


Foundational Training Videos:

You'll receive instant access to the first 3 trainings modules. And then each week one more module will be released. These are filled with videos templates, and worksheets and more! $4982

Training and Coaching Calls:

Join Molly for a live training every month that ensures you have the most up to date strategies and your questions answered!

Valued at $2500


12X YOUR SUPPORT: These techniques will not work if you do not continue to implement and adjust. So, we're offering additional weekly group coaching calls for at least the next 12 months where you can get all of your questions answered. (We'll probably do this forever, but we are guaranteeing at least a year of weekly calls.)

Valued at: $4500 

#camfam COMMUNITY: Lifetime access to the Show Up With Video Private Group where you will have accountability and support from our team and your peers who we lovingly call… “the #camfam.”

Valued at $997

Video Marketing Playbooks: No more courses that sit on the shelf! You'll get access to a playbook for each specific video style. From Live Video, to VODs, to Short form videos, you'll have a Checklist and Script Blueprint for each type of video. Print these our and hold them in your hot little hands so you can pick and chose the most perfect video marketing strategy that suits you best!

Valued at $497 EACH 

Super Simple Sales Conversations: Powerfully position your sales conversations with 4 simple questions. This is the easiest sales strategy you've ever seen.

Valued at $497

SPEAKER SUCCESS: VOCAL WARM UP AUDIO DOWNLOAD: This 7 minute audio download was created as a request of my students. It will guide you through my signature “BFAB” vocal warm up so that you move into your videos like a professional performer.

Valued at $97

LIVE VIDEO PRODUCT CREATION BLUEPRINT: Worried that you don't have a course to sell yet? This #sellitfirst training video and step by step blueprint will allow you to sell your course before you create it. Seriously magical! All you need is a Private Group.

Valued at $497

JOIN BY SUNDAY LIVE VIDEO PRODUCT CREATION BLUEPRINT: Worried that you don't have a course to sell yet? This #sellitfirst training video and step by step blueprint will allow you to sell your course before you create it. Seriously magical! All you need is a Private Group.

Valued at $497




Valued at $5000 but really… it's priceless. 


“Confidently create a live video plan that attract qualified leads, or your money back. All we ask is that you watch the foundational training videos, and implement at least 50% of the material.

If you find that you are not satisfied within 30 days of purchase, we will give you a complete refund. We believe in this program and can't wait to support you.”

Crystal Tosh Micheal, who gave a testimonial about the camera confidence course

“I am SO thankful to Molly Mahoney… who inspires, teaches and builds her clients up.”  

“I am so excited to go live more often with the confidence I have gained from this course. I know it's hard to take the first step, but I promise it is worth it! The content in this course is gold, like pure magic. My confidence in myself, my business and of course in fb live is through the roof these days 🙂 Thank you Molly for such a valuable course.””

Crystal Tosh Michael: Women's Empowerment Coach


Q: When does this start?
A: You'll receive access to the Private Group and the pre-recorded material right away! As soon as you complete your payment, you'll be sent to the Private Group. Just click to join and I'll approve you!
Q: Are these lessons live or recorded?
A: Both! You'll have a mix of live group coaching sessions and pre-recorded video trainings that you can jump into right away. We use a great new platform called Bluejeans that allows us to share our screens and also broadcasts live into the group. If you aren’t up for video coaching, you can also call in via phone. PLUS he pre-recorded bite sized training videos are organized by topic in an easy to access album o you can find the solutions you need as problems arise.
Q: How will I access the recordings?
A: After you purchase the course, you will get an email with a link to the private Facebook group. You’ll receive instant access to the Live Video Sales Blueprint, and the pre-recorded Bonuses which are all organized within the Facebook group! Make sure you ask to join the group so we can approve you!
Q: After I buy the class, how long will I have to watch them?
A: You’ll have LIFETIME access to all of the content! Ample time for going live, polishing your skills, testing, and tweaking with the feedback and support provided in the group.
Q: What if I fall behind, will it be weird if I jump in a breakthrough session without watching the videos?
A: The best way for you to make the most successful transformation is by jumping in feet first. BUT, I know the life of an entrepreneur is cray cray. So, you can come to the sessions and ask ANYTHING. Everyone is going to be at their own pace depending on their individual circumstances.
Q: Is there a PAYMENT PLAN so I can easily purchase the course today?
A: Yes. There is a payment plan that is just $197 a month for 12 months! Super easy!!
Q: When can I expect to make more money?
A: It is impossible to guarantee that you will make a specific amount of income through taking this course, or any course. We all start at different levels, we all have different audiences, and different goals. Which is one of the reasons I give you lifetime access. However, if you hem and haw and wait to get started… I can guarantee you won’t make anything on your business. Ha! If you dig in and do the work, you will see growth, and when you look back, your only regret will be that you didn’t launch sooner.
Q: Can I get a refund?
A: Yes! I believe wholeheartedly in the value this course provides. BUT – you can’t come in and look around and change your mind. If you join, and do the work, but find that it’s not for you… You are eligible for a refund within 30 days of purchasing.
Q: How does this price compare to private coaching sessions?
A: It’s a steal! The performance/business coaching session for a professional level coach ranges from $250 to $1000 an hour. With this program, you are getting open access to advice via the Group. Several hours of video instruction and roughly 6 hours of live business coaching a month!!! Private coaching is so valuable (I’m a coach, duh!) and this is a great way to get individual coaching at a group coaching price!
Ella Glasgow Binion giving a testmonial of a camera confidence course
Amanda Ruiz giving a testimonial of a camera confidence course

Bring in more leads, make more live video marketing sales, and be known as the expert in your space through our camera confidence course!