Musical Theatre Gift Guide BooksHere's a little gift guide to help you find the perfect bit of happiness for the Musical Theater Lovers in your life.

These lists could go on forever, so I'm going to stick to 5 recommendations and then give you a link to an amazon wishlist I put together that I will be updating as I find new great books!




Peter and the Starcatcher (Introduction by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson): The Annotated Script of the Broadway Play (Peter and the Starcatchers)

This show opens tomorrow at the Ahmenson and plays until January 12th! I saw it in NYC and it is one of the most magical theatrical experiences I've ever had. It only has a few songs, but it will definitely hit the heart and tickle the funny bone of the musical theatre lover in your life. It'd be great to pair this beautiful book (which includes the full script, photos from the broadway show, and notes from the director  with tickets to the show. Here's a link to tickets at the Ahmenson – 


Singers Musical Theater Anthology Books

These books are a MUST HAVE for all Musical Theater Performers. Unlike many vocal selection books, the songs are in the original keys, and they come with a cd of piano tracks that play exactly what is written on the page. They are divided up by voice type and also age. Click here for a full list of books. 


Broadway Musicals Show by Show: Sixth Edition

This book is a GREAT resource for new and pro musical theater performers. It lists every show that has ever been on Broadway and loads of info in one quick little easy to read blurb. The info listed about each show includes – music and lyrics information; names of producers, directors and choreographers, cast lists, New York run dates, songs, and and inside information, info on critical reception, and pithy commentary about each show. When you are auditioning for a show that you aren't familiar with, this is a great way to catch up quickly!

Singing and the Actor

This is one of my favorite books at the moment. It was recommended to me by my voice coach Andrew Byrne and I use it in my lessons all the time!  It's perfect for the voice student who is ready to take their singing to the next level. There are great diagrams and exercises that help you know what is really going on in that body of yours as you sing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK! : )


Musical Theater Magazine

Musical Theater Magazine

This is a brand new online publication that I am LOVING! It is packed with interviews with broadway greats from all sides of the spectrum. I can't wait to see what Trish has to offer next! ***Warning – I know we at The Prepared Performer have loads of young readers… so please read this disclaimer from the editor of Musical Theater Mag. I think it's spot on!***

Is Musical Theatre Magazine Okay for Kids?

Several parents, aunts, and grandmothers have written in to ask about getting a subscription ofMusical Theatre Magazine for the pre-teen/teenager in their lives who simply adores Broadway and wants to be on Broadway when they grow up.Now, understand me — I’d love to have billions of subscribers around the world, but I tell each parent, aunt, and grandmother the same thing:  Musical Theatre Magazine focuses on the Art & Craft of Musical Theatre.  It’s important to me for my readers to know the business side of show business — what they never teach you in a voice lesson or a dance class — as well as the artsy-farsy side of waka-waka and all that jazz.

Musical Theatre Magazine is not “Disney-fied” for young readers.  The November issue is a prime example.  This issue dealt with rock musicals, and the State of the Arts opinion piece was about a controversial topic for college auditions.  The November issue is definitely NOT for a 12 year-old.  BUT the parents would learn a lot about the musicals their kids will be performing some day as well as food for thought in regard to college and auditions. So, I think the parent, aunt (or uncle), grandmother (or grandfather) would greatly benefit fromsubscribing to MTMag and sharing what they think is age-appropriate if their kid is under the age of 16.  Though, I will say, if your kid watches “Glee”, there’s nothing in Musical Theatre Mag that would shock them. 🙂


AND – for even more ideas – here's a little wish list! I'll be adding to it as I find more books I love, so check back soon.

Prepared Performer Book Wish List

PS – The links to the books listed here are part of the Amazon Affiliate program. We will get a small commission if you purchase these books with no extra cost to you : ) BUT!!! I promise that we are only recommending books that we've read and loved. We don't want you to be waisting any valuable practice time on books that won't help.


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