There is a saying that I absolutely love… “It's not how you fall, it's how you get up!” ┬áStudents of music, dance and theatre not only learn how to sing, dance and act, they learn how to handle the unexpected. No matter how well we plan, life is going to throw us curve balls. One's ability to deal with those curves is a huge part of what makes someone successful.

Last month, during ADBA's production of ELF, the students were hit with a major curve ball. The sound system (which was playing an accompaniment track) shut down during the last big number in the show. ┬áMy co-director Michael Perez and I almost had a heart attack. “Oh No! What the heck are they going to do!” I was completely blown away. Jordan Chacon, who was playing Jovie, did not even flinch! She kept going like a total champ. Then, Colby Hamann, who was playing buddy, came in and lead the whole cast through the rest of his solo with NO SIGN that something was wrong. And finally, the whole cast came in with flying colors AND the audience joined in clapping along. It was THE BEST! One little singer, clearly thought it was her job to carry the whole thing on her own and you can hear her belting her face off on the last note, which I found hilarious and I totally appreciated her effort, although it didn't totally blend with the rest of the cast. I'm not 100% sure who it was but I have a few ideas ; )

Watch these kiddos NAIL IT! SO PROUD!

[leadplayer_vid id=”52D1C8E704C26″]


This is one of the mail reason I think it is important for all young people to be involved in live theatre at some point in their life, the lessons are out of control priceless.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? How did you do under pressure?


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