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Email (Version 1)
Facebook Live. It’s only been around since April 6, 2016, but it seems like it’s everywhere doesn’t it?
It’s really not hard to see why it’s caught on so quickly! It’s free and video gets great reach and engagement on Facebook — but are you getting everything you can from it?
Because when you’ve got the right strategies in place, Facebook Live can be the great big BOOM your business needs. It enables you to come into the homes and onto the devices of your followers. They’ll get to know you and your business, instantly. What could be better?
Today I want to introduce you to my friend, Molly Mahoney. She’s a Camera Confidence Coach, Facebook Live Ninja, Author, Speaker, Mama, and owner of The Prepared Performer who helps her students and clients unlock their inner awesome and elevate it so they can share their goodness with clarity, confidence, and (most importantly) joy.
She’s here to show you how to build your credibility, visibility and be know as the authority in your space…all by using Facebook Live. Best of all she’s launching a FREE Facebook Live Masterclass: Create a Client Attraction Machine on [DATE].
Are you in? Molly’s giving away all the secrets of how to feel more confident and create real results with your videos.
Sign up here: [LINK]
Email (Version 2)
What if you had access to massive organic (that means free!) reach on Facebook, a powerful platform to establish yourself as an authority in your space, and the ability to make real connections with your audience so you’ll know exactly what they need? And meanwhile, your sales are exploding.
Did you know you already have access to that? I’m talking about Facebook Live! And it’s completely possible for you to have all of this and more, if you have the right strategies in place.
And that’s why I want to introduce you to Molly Mahoney. She’s known across the web as “The Prepared Performer” but she’s more of a social media magician. Her strategies around Facebook Live and Messenger Bots have blown my mind and I’m sure they’ll blow yours!
If you want to know what I mean… you are in luck! Molly’s getting ready to Deliver a Free Live Video Masterclass, “Create A Client Attraction Machine with Facebook Live.” She’s here to show you how to build your confidence, develop content that allows you to strategically connect with your ideal clients so you can both make a difference and boost your profits…all by using Facebook Live.
Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. The masterclass is full of insanely valuable information that you will be able to put into action right away!
Click Here to sign up now!

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