Prepared Performer Partners

1. Get signed up!

Go to https://mollymahoney.samcart.com/affiliates/signup and officially create your partner account with us.


2. Grab your affiliate link

Login at https://mollymahoney.samcart.com/auth/login?destination=affiliate


3. Join our Facebook Group and Download your Partner Playbook

Your Partner Playbook will give you everything you need for a successful promotion! You’ll find copy and paste swipe emails, social posts and more!

You can find it in our promotional partners group. https://www.fb.com/groups/tpptstars/ 
Once we approve you in the group, you’ll be able to access the Partner Playbook in the “announcements” section.

4. Sign up for Messenger Reminders

Want to make the most out of this opportunity? Sign up to receive messenger updates and reminders!


5. Get your promo scheduled

  • Three emails to your list (you’ll get the best results with three)
  • Posts on social media (do a live and share why you recommend Molly!)
  • Personal reach outs and invitations to people who you know would love Molly’s strategies and support.

And then… watch for all the excited thank yous that’ll roll in from your community for introducing them to Molly and The Prepared Performer Team!