Musical Theater Roles For Tall Teens, Tweens and All Sizes in Between!

I’m tall. I’ve always been tall for my age. When I pull my blankets on at night, I have to choose to either let my head or my feet hang out, and result in awkwardly bending my knees to make everything fit. And for a tall teen seeking out roles on the stage, it can sometimes be a real downer. It seemed like when I was younger, roles for kids were usually played by older actors on the shorter side. If I felt any disappointment at not being cast, adults would tell me I would have a chance at the roles when I was a little older. But as I grew older, I grew taller—much too tall to be cast in a role as someone younger. And oh how I longed to play Annie or Matilda, or any of the other roles I had hoped to one day be cast in.

Now that I’m in my teen years, I’ve been finding it’s still hard to find characters where a tall girl is a fit. The suggestions I hear about usually call for someone with more life experience than I have, which once again means I’m not usually a fit. I feel like I’m at a weird place of being caught in the middle right now. I know I’m not the only one who goes through this, but the struggle of disappointment is still present each time I read a character description that might have been a perfect fit if only it didn’t require a shorter girl to play the part.

So what are those of us who towered over everyone in grade school, and in high school are still hunching down to be eye level in a crowd of friends to do when it comes to finding a role that’s a fit?

Musical Theater Roles for Kids and TeensTalking this through a bit with Molly, she suggested I do some investigation on what roles might be out there for teens and kids who are lost in this awkward age zone of tallness. It was a good idea. I felt encouraged as I began to do some research and I thought I’d put my list of gathered roles together for anyone else who might be caught in this zone. The list does have roles for teens of all shapes and sizes, but I’ve made special note next to the roles that just might be a good fit for those of us on the taller side. Musical Theater Roles List

BTW, I’m sure I’ve missed a lot, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, make a note in the comments section if you can think of anything I’ve missed so I can add to this list. Those of us working our way through this winding musical theater maze are in need of your help and are grateful for your wisdom and experience!

Jessie-New-Cartoon-Web-140x3001[1]-A teen who likes to shimmer, shine, sparkle, and glimmer!

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  1. Sofuchi Okpali says:

    I’m a really tall girl too and I’m only 11 and im 5ft 7
    So I never thought I could be an child actor.

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