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5 Quick ChatBOT Strategies to Instantly Drive More Sales on IG and FB

If you are looking for quick easy to implement strategies that can drive more sales… chatbots are the way to go.

In this training, you'll learn my friend Molly Mahoney's secret strategies to drive more sales. That means you'll be able to jump ahead of your competition when you implement these simple strategies to drive more conversations, conversions, and credit cards flying at your face.



Join me and my good friend Christie Miller to learn how to get started quickly and easily with SamCart.


Christie is seriously the most Savvy SamCart user I know, and she is a hoot to spend time with. So she makes building sales pages fun and fast! 

Show Up And Get Clients 5 DAY Video KICKSTART

If you want more clients, then you must show up on video!

When you complete this training, you'll feel confident to show up authentically on camera in a way that attracts your ideal client, positions you as the go-to authority, which makes it easier to get more online clients and have a bigger impact.

The Course Protection System


Nothing stings more than discovering that somebody stole your original work! My friend Christie Miller knows because it happened to her three times.

The Course Protection System will show you how to catch the thieves, the evidence to collect, and what to say to make them immediately cease and desist.

The 30-Day Client Attraction Formula


Christie Miller say's when you serve hard, you can sell easy. That's right, the success of your launch is depends on what you do during the 30-day pre-launch period.

In this training, you'll learn how to quickly build the know, like, and trust factor so that your ideal clients can't wait to throw their credit cards at you. And She'll walk you through two examples of how she did it with her health coaching business.

The Magic Money Multiplier


It's much easier to sell coaching, courses and products to your existing clients than it is to acquire a new customer.

Christie's Magic Money Multiplier gives you step-by-step strategies to boost the amount of money clients spend with you. And the cool thing is, most of these strategies do not require any additional time on your part. It really does feel like magic! Thus the name!

Christie Miller and I partnered on these bonuses and you are going to love them!!!!!


You, Me, Christie, and a bunch of other entrepreneurs as we teach… you build! We teach… you build!! By the end of the day you'll have your whole funnel and course access BUILT!


The most common question I get is… can we use SamCart as a Landing Page or Opt-In page? AND I figured out how to do it on a coaching call recently!! It is soooo easy and sooo cool! I'm going to show you how in a brand new bonus training!!!

I purchased SamCart waaaay back in 2016 and it shifted everything for me. Sales pages were EASY. Payment plans were EASY. And, the support from their team made it even easier.

They know how to make the most out of each transaction… and have fun doing it.

Now, with the course app that is included for FREE we are canceling other services and going for this BRILLIANT all in one option. I hope you'll join us an become a part of the SamCart Family!

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