The Prepared Performer

Social Media Marketing world was fun!

AND, what if you could…

Make Actual Money from Your Social Media

Sooo… have you actually implemented what you learned at Social Media Marketing World?

And… have you actually made MONEY off of the techniques you learned?

So often we see that people learn sooo much and then it sits in a dusty pile of ideas.

If that’s you… know you aren’t alone…


I’m NOT going to let you get away with that!

It’s time to IMPLEMENT and MONETIZE!

To make it super easy, I’ve put together a swipe file of our Top 100 Organic Social Media posts to help you get started… AND I’ve made it “pay what it’s worth to you!”

One of these posts lead to a reach of 39 Million!

Hear From Other Experts Just Like You


When I first launched my coaching business I was an entrepreneur going in so many directions, it was like I had a pile of Busy Balls. Struggling, missing my vision, and getting stuck in The Trap.

Surrounded by opportunities, I felt like I had opened a bottle of social media champagne and didn’t know how to scoop it up and put it back into the bottle. 

I get it. I’ve been there. And, if you book this call, I’ll show you how this simple end-to-end system has helped our clients avoid this trap breakthrough to that next level.

Since implementing this system… let me share some of the results that have happened for me and my company.

I went from singing and dancing in the ensemble of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to speaking on stages like…

Social Media Marketing World, Traffic & Conversion, hosted shows for ManyChat and Be.Live, and I’m running a speaking program with Les Brown.

I’ve been featured in magazines like…

Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

We’ve helped several clients to hit their first 6 figure year, 7 figure year, and even supported in a 7 figure week.

Our clients include amazing humans like Jeff Walker, Les Brown, and Selena Soo.

My company The Prepared Performer has collected multiple millions in revenue.

And most importantly… our clients get to spend more time with their loved ones, while running businesses that bring them JOY.

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Turning your message

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If you’re serious about taking your online business to the next level, this is the business strategy call you need. We provide step-by-step guidance on how to build a growth-focused marketing strategy, and show you how to get clarity on monetizing your business. Our growth consulting services are dedicated to one thing: growth. We know how to take something that is small and make it bigger, and take something big and make it great. 

I am is interested in helping you run a successful business so you can turn your message into a revenue-generating movement! Don’t wait! The time is now to apply for your online business coaching call! Go Live and Monetize with our proven tactics!

Listen to What Other’s Have to Say About the GLAM Growth Call…

“I was seriously feeling so overwhelmed. This gave me step by step guidance. Dude! I’m so grateful.”
- Heather

“Our call really gave me clarity on the missing pieces!”
- Kennethia

“Beth, a great call! You’ve been soooo legit already I can’t imagine what working with you will be like!!!”
- Heidi