May 16, 2018

How to Stop Saying UM in Videos

“Molly, how the heck do I stop saying “UM” in videos!” I hear this all the time! Once nerves set it… YIKES! Live video can be scary. We know that when you use BeLive, you’ll… read more

February 12, 2018

Where Should I GO LIVE on Facebook?

Where the heck should I go live on Facebook? With reach on business pages plummeting… is there even a point? I am going to give you the answer… once and for all! And, once you… read more

January 12, 2018

Big Changes for Facebook Business Pages

THE SKY IS NOT FALLING!! How to understand the new Facebook Updates and how to use them for your advantage! And, if you want seriously amazing resources that will help you to keep your business… read more

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