While working with a student on a callback for the part of Georgia in the musical Curtains. We came across the word Ingénue and she had no idea what it meant. I thought, wow that's actually a word that is referred to in the world of musical theatre all the time, but it is hardly ever used in modern everyday conversations. So here's a little visual help for young performers who might not be familiar with this word. In musical theatre… an ingénue is usually played by an actress with more of a sweet soprano voice as opposed to an actress with a big “charactery” belt. You will often see this word used in the character breakdown (description) in an audition posting.

ingenue - musical theatre

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  1. […] So often, as performers, we have a hard time knowing how others see us. We want to play the sweet Ingénue or Leading Man when we would be better suited to play the hilarious side kick. What we forget, […]

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