New students are often frustrated with the area of their voice between their head voice and chest voice. They don’t understand how to transition from their chest voice to their head voice and they often crack or sound pushed, pinched or extremely breathy because they don’t know how to negotiate the placement.

While talking to one student about this area, I told her it was often called the “break” but the true term for it is the PASSAGGIO. The following week, she came back to her lesson and I asked if she remembered what it was called. She guessed… “The Pistachio?” Ha! We both had a good laugh, and I was impressed that she had almost remembered the correct term.  I’ve used the word pistachio ever sense to help new students remember this vocal term.

Passaggio (Break): The area of the voice between the chest voice and the head voice. This is a tough spot for many beginning singers and cracking often occurs.  This can be avoided with good vocal technique and a proper warm up. Click here for the Wikipedia Definition.