The Basics of Business Boosting Bots!

The Basics of Business Boosting Bots! Want to see how my clients and I have used Messenger Bots to make magic happen in our businesses? In the past month we've managed pull in the following results:

  • 4x in open rates – brought in 40 sales in 30 minutes (more than once!)
  • 200 Leads in just 2 days! (Organically)
  • 6x'd live sale results
  • And, made FbLive viewers super happy by giving them access to insane value, instantly.

Wanna get in on that? In this video I show you:

  • What the heck IS a Messenger Bot?
  • My #1 Rule – that I recently didn't follow, and it caused me to lose business. Poop!
  • How to get more Messenger Bot subscribers even if your Facebook Page engagement is low?
  • Where you can use Messenger Bots – off of Facebook!
  • 5 Different Types of Bot Content Styles that will make writing content EASY AND FUN.
  • A free tool that will allow you to organize your Bot sequences and messages outside of your Bot.
  • No danger in hitting the wrong button and losing your work!
  • And… a super stealth way to handle all of the messages that are now FLYING at your messenger feed. (I seriously get asked this all the time, so I came up with a ninja trick that you are going to LOVE. Even if you decide never to use a chatbot again.)

This training is free. AND… it's going to blow your mind. Spread the word and I'll see you there!

[0:06:30] What is the biggest objective in your business?

[0:07:55] Many Chat is a bot messenger system that rocks, but their training sucks, so Molly is here to share how to use it.

[0:09:19] Why you should use messenger bots.

[0:20:12] Don’t be a salesy weirdbot!!

[0:21:47] Build a human connection.

[0:23:22] Know who your bot is speaking to?

[0:24:04] #1 Bot Rule – Ask questions of your audience.

[0:29:30] What is your bot personality?

[0:31:05] Use your bot to add value.

[0:36:32] A bot is a way to connect via Facebook Messenger.

[0:40:03] Follow the Facebook Terms of Service.

[0:41:48] Keep your messages short.

[0:46:11] Bot content strategies.

[0:52:41] How to get micro-commitments from your audience.

[0:57:57] Segment your audience.

[1:02:10] How to capture email addresses using Many Chat.

[1:06:02] How to use to set up bot strategies.

[1:11:50] HUGE tip of how to not confuse your audience.

[1:14:18] Use weird, specific keywords.

[1:18:51] Bless and release.


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  1. That’s what I was wondering about, with the choices, you kept track of all the “if this, than this” sequence.

  2. Trevor Smith says:

    I also like Trello too but this looks pretty awesome

  3. Do use clickfunnels by Russell Brunson

  4. MaKay Zabel says:

    Cooler than a fresh jar of skippy!!!!

  5. A new WorkFlow system! Thank you!!!

  6. Will the bot work during a live replay or just when live?

  7. New Kajabi has landing pages.

  8. Melissa Haole – it works during a replay, too.

  9. Have to watch later driving

  10. Trevor Smith says:

    AH! I need the ninja trick. I tried doing it Live through BeLive but it did not work

  11. I just joined, what is the bot?

  12. What’s this video program you are using right now.

  13. LaCreis Kidd says:

    Use all CAP words too

  14. I want to join what do i need to do?

  15. Thursday what time???? <3 THANK YOU!!!

  16. Kuda Mkudu says:

    I’m in Africa Zimbabwe how do I make money from this

  17. What if I forget the key word

  18. How do you get it to work in your group?

  19. LaCreis Kidd says:

    Your makeup looks great

  20. How can this work for Younique presenters?

  21. Do you help set up Facebook business page

  22. They really don’t 🤦‍♀️

  23. Acck — missed the top! Will catch the replah

  24. Fiona Clarke says:


  25. Sarah Coplin says:

    How do you have your logo on your live video?! 😱

  26. Vaughn Fahie says:

    I Love how you used your music video as a gift!!! A must for me to use!

  27. Vrouwen willen een echte man
    Waarom hebben vouwen nep nagels mep haar en nep bosten
    Weg met die nep sooi bij vrouwen
    Mannen willen een echte vrouw

  28. Did my first keyword in manychat this weekend!!!

  29. Bottom lane in dota? That’s what bot is

  30. Sales & growing my group

  31. Trish Stuart says:

    Molly I want in to the bot camp. I didn’t get the link. I’m not able to type fast (grrr) because of the surgery. So how can I sign up? Help!!!

  32. You are all in so much trouble for saying there is no sound. Hahaha!

  33. So glad I am catching the replay.

  34. Sales, building a team

  35. Sales and building a team

  36. building team too lol

  37. Yay I can’t wait to see Molly Bot

  38. YAY! Thank you Molly – we love you so much!

  39. I am playful and fun depending on the day lol

  40. Awesome!! So wish I had more time in my day. Are you using landing pages to direct people to?

  41. Sales and building my team

  42. build my list , systems into place

  43. I have to go into the hospital today so I wouldn’t be able to see your presentation will you be having another one

  44. Sales!! Increasing Customers!

  45. Agreed!! So confusing. I have it made but can’t figure out how to get subscribers or send it out!! lol

  46. Getting system s!!!! I need it!!

  47. Hi Molly. Bots work starting from comments on a post or I could send a message to all my friends? Big part of them are potential clients!

  48. V v D.C. F v f f. G. By. BYes bbbbY. B

  49. Hi Molly Mahoney. Watching the reply…. obviously since it is no longer 4th of July Weekend. 😉

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  51. Dawn Larsen says:

    i give them choice maybe later instead of no

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