Feel like you are spinning your wheels when it comes to using social media to actually MAKE SALES? Ooooo – you are in for a treat! Our Camera Confidence Coach, Molly Mahoney – The Prepared Performer, is bringing on a social media maven, Liz Medley to give you 10 Social Media Strategies that Lead to Sales! These are simple, and some of them unexpected, ways that anyone can use to make sales through social media! 


10 Social Media Strategies that Lead to Sales!


Liz Medley

Liz and I have known each other for a long time.When I first met Liz, she had just recently taken her business from zero to over six figures in just six months! She’s been an entrepreneur since she was 19. She owned a traditional business for over 11 years and for the past 13 years, she has been in the top 1% of her industry.

She has a mission to teach and coach entrepreneurs to create a life by design, not default. A life by choice, not chance. She wholeheartedly knows Network Marketing is the ultimate business model to make your wildest dreams come true. Liz uses all of her personal experience as an entrepreneur and teaches people to succeed in business

Money may not be the most important thing, but it is a tangible way to see if your business is working.


Tip #1: Posting and Praying

If you are simply hoping that what you’re posting is going to generate money, I hate to tell ya, it just isn’t gonna.  So often, people will see someone else’s post and think, “ I can do that!” Then they can share something and sit there expecting people will jump in and pay them. There has to be more of a strategy, and more reaching out to individuals.

When you post something about your business, the goal is to generate curiosity and maybe some leads. You cannot post something on any social media platform and just expect sales from the mere posting. That’s leaving things up to chance rather than choice.

Instead of sitting back, take the time to connect with those that have engaged.  Reach out and start a conversation with people. That is how you can potentially drum up some sales from social media. 


Tip #2: Get in Messenger!

This is where the magic happens! Messenger is where relationships are built and conversations happen and the best part is, it works for both Facebook or Instagram. Liz and I both do some great work with bots,  it’s all about sending those personal messages, as much as we love our bots. The bottom line is you have to do some things manually to build the real relationships. Take it old school! 

When you get in someone’s Messenger and they reply to you, you will begin to show up in each other’s News Feeds, which allows the two of you to get to know each other better. If you have never reached out to a friend on Facebook, reach out and apologize, saying, “Hi, my name is _________. I’m sorry we have been friends for so long without me reaching out and getting to know you before.” Then you can make a new friend, and potential new lead. 

I can personally attest to this. People have reached out to me immediately trying to make a sale. Nope!  The intention at first should be to make a connection as a human being. Make the sale later, once they know you and trust you. 


Tip #3: Sing Happy Birthday- on messenger! (My Personal Favorite)

Something Liz has done for three years now, and it’s kind of crazy, is singing happy birthday. She was writing on people’s walls for their birthdays. Then she moved over to Messenger and sent happy birthday messages that way. She would get maybe a 20% response rate, but she simply wanted to make their day. She is not a singer, but she started singing happy birthday to them, just through audio, no video. Do it messy, do it scared; this recording doesn’t have to be perfect. Now 9/10 will respond, saying, “You made my day. You were the only person who sang happy birthday to me!” 

On your personal timeline, all of those birthday messages get lost within there. Sharing the love on Messenger is a way to diversify how people receive that birthday love from their network. It takes maybe eight seconds to sing per person. So easy! Liz probably does this for around 10 people a day.

Now, if you just went and sang happy birthday and did nothing else, this is not a strategy. The intention is to go in it as a fun thing to spread joy and love (#StandingForJoy). From there, Liz will follow up to lead people toward an actual objective of solving their problems and making sales.

While her intention was there from the beginning, it took a long time of singing happy birthday and having conversations with people, asking the right questions to direct the conversation. So she sings, and they thank her. She now asks, “Did you do anything special?” It’s an open-ended question that allows them to respond naturally in a way that continues the conversation. They then tell her what they did, and they chat about that. 

This then leads into, “Where do you live?” If it’s within the 12 countries Liz does business in and not in her tiny hometown, she says, “That’s so awesome! My business is expanding there.” It’s also open-ended and sparks curiosity. She continues, “I would love to take six minutes of your time and share a little bit about what I’m looking for in the hopes that someone you know would be a fit and talk to me about how I can get into this market.” This feels more open-ended to the person on the other side and potentially creates FOMO as to why Liz doesn’t want them to be the person she wants to talk to.


Tip #4: Jog Their Memory

I have been doing this consistently every day for the past six months since I heard Liz talk about this in a different video we did together. Liz likes aesthetically pleasing things, things that are pretty and clean and simple. When she sees people share Memories, you can tell that it’s a Memory and that it’s old. Liz doesn’t want that on her timeline or her News Feed and scrolls through it quickly. Every day, she goes into her Memories and looks at past posts. You can see your growth and also see some great old content of yours. 

What Liz does is set the posts to public. If she hasn’t already reacted to it other than Liking (reactions are better for algorithm scoring), it shows back up organically in the News Feed instead of sharing the memory. The engagement on the shared post is not engagement on the old post. So if you create more engagement on the old post, then all the folks who had previously engaged with it get notified again, and everyone else will see it in their News Feeds. Liz then deletes the comment so that no one can see the behind-the-scenes of her strategy. 

Why would you care if people see these old posts? For example, mine from today was a post of a video of me with two of my students who are now in high school singing a duet. It was fun to re-engage with those memories, and it also brings you top of mind to prospective customers. 

If you are building a business on social media, what sometimes happens is people have hidden you because they’re bored of your business chats on your personal profile. When you re-engage with these old posts, they will scroll through your personal profile to witness your growth and figure out what you have been up to lately.


Tip #5: Love Yourself

This is about reacting to every single one of your posts. If you post something, you have to love yourself, react however is appropriate for that content. You don’t have to do it right away. Sometimes Liz wants to see how the engagement on the post is first before reacting to it, which allows the post to pop back up to the top and allow new viewers to see it.

When someone comments on your post, make sure to reply to them. You have to love on your posts and get comments in there and conversations going to keep it in the News Feed. 

Every day, react to a past post or a current post. Go to your personal profile right now, and there easily will be one post you have done right away that you haven’t loved. Love yourself! Even if you are the only one who sees it, who cares. This is about repurposing your content with zero work. 


Tip #6: Quality Over Quantity on Your Biz Page (And Personal Profile)

If you’re just posting a ton, that is not a technique that will get you more engagement. It’s messy and hides things. That used to work. Liz used to teach hyper-posting, but that hasn’t worked for a while with the algorithm changes. Now they just want quality posts out there, and they want our viewers to have a quality experience.

Put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes and think about what they want to see from you on both your business page and your personal profile. Some people’s personal profiles are filled with posts that are shared straight from Twitter. Twitter is made for lots of little posts; Facebook is not made for that. No one will see it when it’s coming in from a third-party site anyway. 

Liz struggles with how to make a quality post all the time. She has a great picture and needs to figure out how to find a way to provide value through posting this picture. Is it entertaining? Is it tapping onto their heartstrings? Two examples of questions you can ask yourself. There are some days where Liz only posts once, but that’s okay since it was a quality post. 


Tip #7: Quantity Over Quality in Stories

Okay, so there IS a way when you can throw all the photos and posts out there! 

When you’re on the go and want to post pictures of everything, it’s a great idea to think about all the little things throughout your day that establish authority, reiterate your values, and allow you to connect with your followers. This is what Stories is for! There are three separate Stories platforms right now: Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook (and Snapchat, if you use that). 

What’s great to do on Stories is engaging with other people’s stories because this allows you to go back into their Messenger. That is how they receive notifications about story engagement. 


Tip #8: Keep Sales Simple!

Recognize the fact that what you have to offer is the greatest gift you can give someone else. If you’re afraid to offer it, you’re thinking about yourself. If you can change the mindset that it may or may not be for them, but it is your responsibility to share what you have regardless, you will notice a huge change in success!

People will make it so complicated to figure out how to actually purchase something from them. My coach Adam Urbanski has this idea that your sale should be like a cereal box that you can just grab off the shelf. 

You want to be more creative with your initial connecting. When it comes to the sale, jab, jab, jab, right hook. The sale is, “I am selling you something right now.” It should be that direct and straightforward. Have an easy purchase link ready to go. 


Tip #9: Crafting Posts

This tip is platform-specific. If you’re posting on Instagram, you will craft things a certain way. Facebook personal profiles and Facebook business profiles’ content are also crafted in specific ways. 

Liz is writing a book right now. On her personal profile, it would be a photo of her looking exhausted about how much time she has spent on the computer screen and how excited she was. On her business page, “Oh my gosh, I have this amazing book coming out! I want you on my preorder list because you don’t want to miss it.” In a Facebook group, “Hey, I’m writing a book on business in social media. What is something you would want to learn or something you think more people need to know?”

    • In a group setting, it would be involving your community because you want their feedback. Your personal profile is all about your experience but also promoting yourself. Your business page is all about the promotion. You’re doing business on your business page.

You should also use your business page to tell your audience that you are legitimate. This is an actual business to you. And with the magic of Facebook ads, you can retarget the people who interact with your videos and other content, which you cannot do with engagement on your personal profile.

Different platforms have different image sizes, which is annoying. RelayThat is a great app to help resize things super easily.


Tip #10 Retargeting Ads

If you have a live or prerecorded video on your Facebook Business Page and you notice that it is getting a lot of people watching a good percentage of your video, you can actually run a Facebook Ad that will retarget those people! In the Facebook Ad, you can run a post that asks them to comment on something and this will help you start to identify who exactly watched your entire video. They watch a good part of your video, they like your content so…they must be qualified leads, right? 

We hope that these 10 social media strategies that lead to sales, will help you continue to grow your business on social media! Whether a reminder, or something new you can try! While we are here, If you are looking for ways to boost your organic reach on FB check out our post HERE!


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