The Prepared Performer is THE platform for the marketing influencer and anyone looking to up their teaching game. Whether you’re an influencer marketing on social media, business coach or actor, this is the place to enhance your skills. Through our resources, you shine in the spotlight when you’re in front of your students.

Teaching is also a great way to stay sharp. Learning through us gives you the best ways to share knowledge, keep your audiences guessing and you adaptable. The Preferred Performer knows how to be a better influencer and how to grow a business using what you know and do best.

You see, teaching isn’t just about knowledge. There’s patience, organization, public speaking, enthusiasm and creativity. And performance…

Here’s just a few of the reasons why professional performers who teach know it’s one of the best ways to up your performance career…

1. You’ll be reminded of the fundamentals, DAILY. (Admit it, you don’t spend as much time on skill sets as you should.)

2. You can build a community of students who have friends and family of all ages who will follow you and become your ambassadors as they grow their own communities.

3. Knowing that your students are watching you gives you an extra reason to really be your best every day.

4. Seeing your students implement something that was once crazy difficult for you will remind you that you had to work your booty off to be where you are.

5. Seeing their success will be crazy gratifying without the stress of going through the auditions yourself.

6. When you work on your growth, you’ll feel a sense of responsibility to THEM to stay focused on your own awesomeness!

7. You’ll be forced to come up with new solutions for marketing influencer performance problems that will not only benefit your students, they will benefit you.

8. You’ll get paid to do what you love, even when you aren’t online, and you won’t be at a miserable day job wishing you were sharing your talents and content creating!

9. You get to determine your own curriculum, hours, and rates which frees you up to take the opportunities that come your way.

10. You will be helping to ensure that the legacy of the goodness that fills you with joy will be passed on to others.

Again, Seriously.

Go Do It!

The marketing influencer has to be a leader AND a performer. Someone who exudes confidence before students. You need to know what makes for good copy and how to turn it into entertaining and engaging interaction. You’re a professional coach and your audience is the team waiting for you to tell them how to win!

The Prepared Performer is THE platform for improving your influencer marketing content and performance game. Our coaching can allow you to show up confidently on camera so you can create content that will allow you to grow your visibility. And we can help you to find your best next step by hopping on a business growth acceleration call.

Marketing influencers aren’t born. They’re trained. We’re here for coaches, authors, speakers, social media managers, Instagram or Facebook experts and consultants. Check us out today!