10 Ways to increase engagement during your live videos on your BUSINESS PAGE! #mindblown . If I hear one more person tell me they don't want to go live on their business page because they don't get engagement there I'm going to stop wearing sparkles! AHHHHH! Jump in to this video for 10 Ways to boost your Live Video Engagement.

(2:00) One Viewer.. Is One Human!!

It’s not about reaching the masses, we need to focus on reaching a few really targeted connections. We are making connections with people from our homes on our computers, how awesome is that?! It’s awesome to have people tune in live, but the power in Facebook Live is in the replay. You can send notifications on when you are going to go live.

#1 Know Your Ideal Client (5:47)

If you don’t, people will not be able to connect with you.

#2 Provide Massive Value (6:56)

Know your ideal client and solve their problems! If you are providing massive value on a consistent basis, your clients will come back because they can trust that you are providing massive value.

#3 Don’t Be A Salesy Weirdo (7:41)

If everything is “join this thing” there is no reason to come back. Be gracious enough to offer your goods, but don’t let that be the sole purpose of your content.

#4 Pre-Schedule Your Live Videos Using BeLive.TV (9:31)

It is super easy! If you do pre-schedule, make sure that you do some additional steps to notify people.

#5 Send An Email Announcing Your Live Video (13:53)

You can actually share the exact link of your video.. totally awesome!

#6 Ask Viewers To Share (16:41)

In the world right now, we need more authenticity, joy, and brave human beings stepping up and sharing the things that make them awesome. This will help you to increase your live viewers. Ask people to share consistently throughout your video.

#7 Ask Viewers To Comment (18:09)

When you ask people to comment below, it not only increases engagement organically, it allows you to have a conversation with your viewers.

#8 Change Your Backdrop (20:37)

If you’re always using the same backdrop, when your video comes through someone’s feed they might think they’ve seen that video before because it looks the same. Mix it up and be clear about your brand.

#9 Be Consistent (23:09)

Commit. Things don’t happen overnight. If you can be consistent with it and keep doing it, it works.

#10 Celebrate Your Viewers (24:20)

When people comment, bring them into the screen! Answer their questions and acknowledge them.

(25:17) Once you start doing your live video campaign, you actually have to review your videos and watch them with an open mind.

(25:57) Work with a coach. There are a million tweaks you can put into your videos to make them more effective.

(27:42) If they’re not able to pay you, they might be your ideal audience member or social proof but maybe they’re not your ideal client.

(28:33) Decide on one specific person that you are going to speak to, plan your content, then test it.

(38:17) One tactic that increases engagement that I think is annoying and can be too much is constantly tagging people in your posts. Use it sparingly! There are a million other ways to send notifications without spamming people.

When you are really ready to step it up, join us for the upcoming Live Video Masterclass Ooo And, to get a heads up reminder before I go live, comment below with the words, sub me. Yahoo! The time for you to be known… IS NOW!

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  1. Emily Poulou says:

    smtg happened and I lost the connection for a while…
    were did you said you would add your automation tips that you are using ???

  2. My daughter live tweets with the cast of her favorite TV show during the broadcast of the show. She is so excited when they like her tweets or reply to them! People love it when you engage with them personally!

  3. Leah Finlay says:

    I notice your backdrop change 🙂

  4. What do you use for your backdrops?

  5. Behind the scenes in Molly Land. Love it!!! 😍

  6. How long before Engagement. 30 days 60 days? Does it depend.

  7. Lili Serrano says:

    How long does it normally take to build traction and clients?

  8. Ahhhh. Love you Molls!!!

  9. Also my original questions about ideal clients 😉

  10. How do you get label over in right corner

  11. Mary Barnett says:

    One of my friends, Gail, is now watching because I shared it! Cool! Hi Gail!

  12. Leah Finlay says:

    My ideal client has digestive issues, how do I put myself in front of them?

  13. Mary Barnett says:

    If I have more than one niche, should I do my LIVEs to that audience on each of my pages directly to that audience?

  14. I forget to ask people to share while we are on live.

  15. Mary Barnett says:

    I assume you are using a laptop, as the camera looks directly in front of you? On your music stand?

  16. Lili Serrano says:

    How do you live tweet?

  17. Liz Jostes says:


  18. Liz Jostes says:

    That would be so annoying.

  19. Terri Labeth says:

    Yes at this point I have even turned notifications off on my teammates. Sorry folks but you used up my last nerve!

  20. What is it called that does the messaging bot

  21. Liz Jostes says:

    And you seriously now a LEGEND after that performance!!

  22. Liz Jostes says:

    Totally a salesy weirdo!!!

  23. Sub me, please. Sounds odd.

  24. Are you always speaking to your ideal client when you do videos from your personal page??

  25. Lisa Monette says:

    love this…do you think its smart to post my live video from my biz page to my group page if its open? or not?

  26. Lisa Monette says:

    Thats how i felt when i finally met you live at cool!

  27. Lisa Monette says:

    OMG…love that scary noise!!

  28. Lisa Monette says:

    Yes..want more Leanne DiSanto videos!!!! She rocks!!!

  29. Is anyone else seeing a pixelated video on replay?

  30. Auto (please) … shared, and will keep sharing — thank you!

  31. Yes, pixelated. I love sound periodically too.

  32. Molly – I’ve never had a live person view (except maybe my brother) but that never stops me! I love your work!

  33. Zane Baker says:

    Molly is the BEST <3

  34. Zane Baker says:

    I agree about the tagging <3 Tag sparingly 😀

  35. Watching the replay 🙂

  36. Live video has helped me in every single aspect of my life! I feel so powerful!

  37. Teach me your ways!! 😀

  38. How do u Change when at gym?

  39. Can we download our evergreen videos from belive to our computers?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! Awesome video!! Looking forward to tonight. 😊

  41. Jessica Lane says:

    Thank you! Awesome video!! Looking forward to tonight.

  42. Anonymous says:

    If you have one viewer you are reaching hundreds of people through their friends list. It just starts with one person to make it grow.

  43. Anonymous says:

    So what else do you talk about

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