10K Months With No Automation or Ads

Ready for 10K months? You probably hear a lot of talk about how to “crush it” with funnels, and ads, and automation.

AND, while we LOVE using many of these strategies… it's not a magic pill. In fact, often the BEST way to bring in more sales is without all of the extra bells and whistles.

I am going to share with you how you can hit consistent 10K months with no automation or ads. Potentially even 50K or 100K months with this system that I refer to as “smash”, because I want you to smash your goals.

These are some of the strategies that we use in our GLAM program, which stands for go live and monetize. They are strategies that you can use right now! Put them into action so that you can start hitting those goals, bringing in more sales (like 10K months)and really changing the world.  And… if you would like support in putting this into action – jump on a quick call to see if our GLAM program is right for you!  

Get ready to SMASH.


The first letter is S, which stands for a super offer. You have to make sure that you know the exact benefits that you provide and you solidly believe in this offer. If someone asks you, “What will happen if I pay you?”, you can tell them. Further, you're going to have increased revenue and visibility. And you're going to make a bigger impact on the world.


Next, we have M for math. Do the math! If your goal is to hit 10K, how many clients do you need to bring in? Make sure that you're tracking things so that you're actually being real with those numbers. The numbers are what allow us to grow.


Then we have A for ask.  You have to actually make the ask and the ask doesn't always mean an offer. It can mean asking for an offer with a client. But, it can mean asking for a referral. Moreover, it can also mean asking other leaders where you could be seen in front of other leaders' groups. Consider doing a trade with another leader so that you can be featured in front of their group. Then, they can be featured in front of yours. The best place to start with this is your current connections and your common playgrounds such as a networking event or Facebook group. So if there's a networking event that you go to, if there's a Facebook group that you're in. And you are building human relationships. 


The fourth step, S, stands for show up. When you show up, you are telling your community that you're going to be there for them. Consequently, when you don't show up you are showing the universe that you are not ready to fully serve. You have to be putting out consistent content and consistent connections. This way you're delivering value and you're actually talking to people.  Ways to deliver value include value based videos which we love. You can be celebrating, educating and motivating! We do this weekly on our business page. But, it can also be a simple few word post on your personal page. Are you celebrating the wins of your clients? Are you celebrating the wins in your own business so that people are able to see how amazing you are?

As part of this, we use a system in our GLAM Program called the Daily STAR System. It's a way to guarantee showing up. The S is for setting your intention. Every single day you set your intention. The T is for talking to people and actually having a goal of how many people you're going to talk to. The A is for asking for the opportunity. You have to actually make offers. If you're not, you're not going to make any sales. And the R is for asking for referrals. Once you've done all of these things, you're doing it consistently, you are going to see an increase in your business and those 10K months.


The final step of the SMASH system is H for habit check. It is crucial to give yourself the habit check and make sure that when you say you're doing it, you are you actually doing it. When you say you're going to make three offers a day, are you actually reaching out to three people a day. You may find that you get distracted or make excuses. You must stay in action. When you stay in action, then you can look and ask, “Are my actions actually moving me forward?

Finally, you are going to smash your goals and be able to sustain that 10K, 50K, 100K a month. You don't need the extra support of automation until you get to a point where there's too much to do and you physically can't actually keep up. Then it is time to add the automation. Further, if you want to have that extra little boost, you can add the Facebook ads or you can add that automation. But, to get started, these are the foundations that can make the 10K months happen.


PS. If you want to create fancy videos like this one, go to . You can get a 30 Day Free Trial. (About 1/2 way down the page you'll see the access button!)

PPS. Ready to SMASH your goals with our support – book a call to see if it's a good fit! 


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