As a business owner, how do you get attention and keep it? It’s so easy to feel lost in the sea of sameness.


If you want visibility get a rockstar brand that allows you to stand out and be heard. It is so much more than colors and font choice! That is a small part of your brand. It also includes your marketing and business plans and how to elevate them. Your brand is everything you say and everything you do in business.

In this live training, I bring in special guest Amber Griffiths, who has been in the industry for almost 21 years, to share 3 Keys to Creating Your Rockstar Brand.

Claim Your Voice!

Your background and expertise is what makes you uniquely qualified to serve your ideal client. When you are not sharing that, they are not experiencing that. Establish your zone of genius and who you can help. Get clear about your core values and what is really important in running your business. Then live by them and share them with the world! That is how you will connect with your ideal clients.

Connect With Your Fans!

This is more about connecting with your target audience. We are talking about screaming, raving fans that will drag their friends too! Think of those who have the same core values as you, and who you can serve with your zone of genius! Who is looking for the unique you? Can you think of those people? Those are the people that you want to connect with! Those are your ideal clients.

Craft Your Message!

What are the words that your ideal clients use? These are the words that you want to include when you craft your message. Get out of your own head and consider what is in the head of the people that you want to serve! We often forget that what we know, is NOT what our ideal clients know. How do you speak to your target audience to inspire them so that they want to invest? Talk to them about what is important to them!

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