There’s nothing quite like the sound of… CRICKETS. Especially when you want to sell products on Facebook Live.

At a campsite… they might sound romantic. But during your live stream, it’s HORRIBLE.

Join us with our special guest Sara Swanson as she shares 3 Keys to Selling More Product During Using Facebook Live!

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So if you’re looking to sell your products using live video, you are going to be blown away by what I show you, what is possible with my awesome friend Sarah, who is here with you today, who has been using these new features from Be.Live. Sarah is going to jump into these tips. 

All right.  Sara Swanson from Treasured Through Threads, where she supports her community with amazing clothes from LuLaRoe, shared three keys to Selling More Product on Facebook Live. Here are her three awesome tips before we jump in and show you the cool strategies from Be.Live. 

Number One Key for Selling Products on Facebook Live: Have an Alter Ego

Put on something, an extra pair of glasses. You have to pull out this little extra person from inside yourself, but you’ve got to bring the energy.


Number 2 Key For Selling On Facebook Live: Bring The Energy!

You have to be alive. Somebody doesn’t want to watch you if you’re all sad and … right? Be alive! You have HUMANS that you want to watch this, right?

Number 3 Key For Selling On Facebook Live: Ask Questions!

Conversation, talk to your people. Ask them questions right out of the gate. Ask them questions, keep them talking. So important. It will help your sales.

So good. So those are the three tips from Sara!. You’ve got to have an alter ego, so that you bring in your elevated sense of yourself to your videos. You’ve got to bring the energy, and you’ve got to have conversations.

Now, I love how Sarah does this. She uses different frames with within Be.Live in order to inspire those conversations. So like frames like you can see in the video above, that you can actually switch out while you’re live, that tell people, “The timer is running out, you’ve got to comment,” or it gets that conversation started right from the beginning of the video.

The other thing that has been so super helpful that Sarah has been rocking is this new feature with Be.Live, where you can actually bring your products into your videos. So watch the video and you’ll see it in action. 

And, it’s all made super easy with the Be.Live. It is so cool. Oh my gosh.

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