What are the 3 key to tracking traffic that every successful business owner needs so that they can focus your efforts and make more sales? You may be currently finding yourself put in loads of time, energy, and maybe even mooooolah in order to get your products and services out into the world.

Do you ever find yourself wondering which efforts are actually working? Sometimes it can feel like we are throwing spaghetti at the wall, but it doesn't need to feel that way! There are ways to TRACK YOUR TRAFFIC so you can know exactly what is working.

My good friend Chris Mercer of MeasurementMarketing.io recently shared the 3 keys to tracking traffic!

First, it can seem really overwhelming, and I have to tell you, the first time I heard Chris speak I almost jumped on stage to give him a high five because he makes tracking traffic so easy!

3 Keys To Tracking Traffic

Use the Q.I.A. Method

Q.I.A.stands for question, information and answer. You never want to go into Google Analytics unarmed. You want to know what the question is that you want to get an answer to. Next, you need to know what information is needed in order to get those answers. Finally, you need to know what actions you're going to take based on those answers.

Know What Numbers To Track

You can't track numbers if you don't know exactly what to track. There are two numbers you want to make sure you're tracking.
There's only two numbers! It may be the results of the thing that you're trying to achieve. Alternately, it may be how they're actually getting to that point. So the two numbers to track are the results or how you're achieving those results.

Set ACE Goals

ACE goals stands for awareness, complete and engagement. First, you need to have a goal that begins as soon as somebody is aware of the thing you want them to do. Next is complete. Complete is when they actually have completed the thing you want them to do. For example, when they became a lead or when they became a sale. Finally, there is engagement along the way, so you know exactly when they started the process, when they started moving forward and they finally finished it.

Chris and I talked about how there's a completion in the process. The process gets handed off to another to something that is a next step. For example, if someone fills out a form, then becomes a lead, the lead triggers an email. Then, the next ACE goal would start for the email campaign.

The Magic of the UTM

There is a great tracking traffic tool called a UTM. It technically stands for urgent tracking module, but, the important piece is that you can actually use these UTM parameters, called UTM source and UTM medium, to track very specific things. It can be used to track where the traffic is coming from. For instance, you can go on your Google Analytics, and it will not only tell you that they came from Facebook, but that they came from your Facebook fan page, an ad, or maybe some other group you running.

It's time to take action with tracking traffic. It comes down to one thing, one new idea, or one way of looking at something a little bit differently. One new thing you didn't even know it was a thing, that you can take action on. Don't worry about holding onto everything. Don't write down everything and then try to do it all at once. Pick one thing, practice that, then you come back, re-watch this, practice something else. That's how you build your skills.

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