3 Unexpected Secrets That Will Improve Your Live Video Results with Stephanie Liu!!

3 Unexpected Secrets That Will Improve Your Live Video Results with Stephanie Liu!!

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  1. Mark Whittle says:

    Molly is amazing at breaking the internet lol

  2. Mark Whittle says:

    What’s the product item look like

  3. Mark Whittle says:

    What’s the product icon look like even

  4. hahaha I love how you and I are so similar in how we do some of our shows. oxoxoxox

  5. Mark Whittle says:

    What the dial up live lol

  6. Mark Whittle says:

    What’s the supporter button do

  7. Mark Whittle says:

    What’s amazon affiliates

  8. You need to have a certain number of followers to be an Amazon influencer / get an amazon store

  9. That was ONLY tip number ONE!!???

  10. Oh my gosh! My wish for future. DSLR

  11. Of course the DSLR I got, does not have a way of turning off the auto shut off (sleep option).

  12. Mark Whittle says:

    Just smear Vaseline round the edge of your lens to get a soft focus edge lol

  13. Just for the record.. you two are my fav LIVE goers

  14. My camera is old, not sure if it will work.

  15. Then you had private messages

  16. This is all so mind blowing

  17. I am already in!!! Love it already! Hurry type “Tricks” if you have not done it yet!!!

  18. Dog training shows with two cameras is great

  19. Mark Whittle says:

    Bananas makes me think of minions

  20. Mark Whittle says:

    If we put tricks in the first video do we need to do it in this one

  21. wow they look like sisters!

  22. Mark Whittle says:

    Make loads of people come to your lives say she is a ghost lol

  23. #nugget change Facebook nickname

  24. Mark Whittle says:

    #nugget pray for the gods to give you a smooth live with no tech problems lol

  25. Nugget social media calendar program

  26. #nugget tagging products in videos so they travel with your videos

  27. Mark Whittle says:

    8 hours for the year or a month or maybe a day

  28. hahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha

  29. how do i download be live tv to my desktop ?

  30. Love you Molly and miss youi.

  31. Hi Stephanie Liu, how do you get 6 figure multiple year contracts? That is amazing.

  32. Holly Davis says:

    Hi how do you share the screen?

  33. Cross promotion: can you do it in a private group and share

  34. How can I incorporate this into my real estate career?

  35. Irena Kyd says:

    tricks on the replay?

  36. Janet Smith says:

    Where does the product show up when the video is playing?

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