3 Ways to Build Connections off of Social Media

What if your favorite social media accounts disappeared? Would you be able to communicate? We don't own these platforms!! Today, I'm sharing three big ways to ensure you can stay connected, even if it all goes away. And, I have two free gifts that will help you to build your list! ****1. Over 35 templates, checklists, and workbooks to help bring in a MASSIVE ammount leads. Vrinda Normand is the real deal and has put together and insanely valuable collection of free actionable goodness. ****2. The greatest 5 day challenge formula EVER. There is no program I can reccomend more emphatically. And, Zach of Heart Soul & Hustle is giving you his biggest tips for free. – safe guard your time and energy, make sure you are connecting with your peeps off of social media as well! Go be awesome!

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  1. LOL “you don’t own Facebook” YES

  2. Tatum wants you to say hello

  3. I’ve missed your face! :))

  4. People tell me I’m everywhere! It really helps!

  5. awesome tips! complete awesomeness. give it to me!

  6. Billie Dye says:

    Give it to me!!! My team and I were talking about this this weekend.

  7. Beth Elser says:

    i need to learn how to up my shares, likes, and interractions on fb lives.

  8. Kendra Lea says:

    Give it to me plz & thx!

  9. Kendra Lea says:

    Old school and word of mouth will always be king. In person connection yes!

  10. Kendra Lea says:

    Love this backdrop Molly!

  11. Give it allll to me !

  12. Do you recommend linking your business page to your group? ❤️

  13. Do you recommend linking your business page to your group?

  14. Would love the challenge info!!

  15. Love these! Can’t wait to hear about the challenge.

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