5 Big Mistakes Most Business Owners Make When Setting Goals

Why most “Year Long” business plans fail… Let's plan a No Fear Year that helps you to ACCOMPLISH your goals!

This might surprise you, but I'm going to beg you to STOP SETTING GOALS!

Ha! We'll be getting super clear about this, in our free FbLive Support group… Elevate Your Awesome – join us!

Here's a recap of the 5 big mistakes most business owners make when setting their goals!

Big shout outs to two of my fave biz coaches Todd Herman and Dana Corey!

1. Most business owners forget to review the year they are finishing! INSTEAD – Set aside time to review! – Make sure you recognize the AWESOME and see how you can get more of that in 2017. – AND make sure you recognize the difficult things from this year and see how you can learn from and shift the mistakes in 2017.

2. Most business owners forget that their LIFE is more important than their business. INSTEAD – Get those LIFE priorities in your calendar first.

3. Most business owners set too many goals. It's impossible to multitask. Like… actually impossible! INSTEAD, pick ONE! ONE OBJECTIVE!! It will help you prioritize and make bigger accomplishments! If you want to check out my book, where I really dig into this here's a link!

4. Most business owners set too long of a plan! If you are setting goals for the WHOLE year, it's toooo much! You'll have no sense of urgency and you won't have mini wins along the way. INSTEAD, set 3 month goals!

5. Most business owners try to do it alone. Gahhhhh! Knock that off! Ha! Get support! Having a coach has CHANGED MY LIFE. So, reach out and find a coach! I'd love to chat if you are looking for someone! ; ) Or… join a support group, like our Elevate Your Awesome FbLive Support Group! Here's a link to set up a strategy session with me : ) Yahoo! Get out and #elevateyourawesome #spreadjoy

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  1. I’m excited about 2017 both personally and professionally….intentions are set…I know the Universe provides

  2. Glad I discovered your messages this year

  3. Lisa Monette says:

    Having Molly in my life!!! Yes!!

  4. I think that is huge for the fire department. Have a life!

  5. Lisa Monette says:

    There is a app called OneBigThing really cool!

  6. Throwing out the life ring!

  7. Lisa Monette says:

    Brainstorming is brilliant!! It creates even more creativity!!

  8. Lisa Monette says:

    YOU give us that spark!!

  9. Lisa Monette says:

    Meeting you live rocks!! Then in person was wild!!

  10. Lisa Monette says:

    Possibility Thinkers Unite!!! Xoxox

  11. Lisa Monette says:

    Seriously??? Yes!!!! Coxo

  12. Lisa Monette says:

    No more coffee for Molly!

  13. Kendra Lea says:

    Negatives to positives! Yes!

  14. elevate me, dang I need it!

  15. Evaluate and review, after each performance. Rockin’ habit.

  16. Failure is an event not a person, it does not define you, but it can catapult you to new heights. Great insight Molly Mahoney. Molly I want to have you on my Pod cast in 2017!

  17. Life and family are the big rocks. Quality of life makes the work worth investing time in the work. WE work to live, not live to work.

  18. Be intentional and strategic. Love you passion Molly. I set a theme for the year and work in that “zone” The 2017 theme is “Live to thrive.”

  19. Heather Jin says:

    How do you get their comments to pop up on your video like that? Do you edit that afterwards?

  20. Love that I found you Molly! Happy New Year! Looking forward to continuing working with you!

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