These are the 5 Key pieces that have allowed me to fill 3 separate online courses before creating the material. If you are a coach or an expert, this is an amazing way to validate your course idea so that you don't create something that no one wants to buy!

It's Memorial Day here in the states, and before I head to spend the day with my fam, I'm gonna bring you some majorly juicy bits of knowledge!

(00:48) [Reminder] Charge selfie ring light and find microphone before going live

(01:28) This crazy, mind-blowing method is going to literally blow your mind. It’s been launched three times and has been effective three times.

(02:30) Launch an online program to create passive income

(03:13) To attend the masterclass, CLICK HERE to watch the live video and insert the word “masterclass” in the comments to be notified of the details

(04:07) This system can be used whether you have a product or a service

(07:46) If you provide a solution for a specific type of person, then this is for you. If you have taught or coached in person, this is for you, too

(08:20) Know Your Ideal ClientS. Create a list of real people you know who will benefit from your solution

(10:25) Provide Massive Value. Be consistent with your value. You have to put in the work ahead of time

(18:03) Develop a way to pay and a way to PLAY. Make it easy for people to pay for your course and to use your services/products. Use a Facebook group to quickly and easily deliver. Samcart.com is a great way to have people pay you for your services.

(26:30) Create scarcity and stick to it!

(27:00) Messenger Bot training is your key to providing subscriptions to people via Facebook Messenger

(30:36) If you don’t have a product, you can sell it before you have created it. Put your program out there and only create it if people actually purchase it.

(34:18) Message everyone who expresses interest and make sales

(35:15) Deliver valuable content to keep people engaged

(35:50) Jump off the fence

(36:00) Discount your rate for a short period of time, but stick to that price and the timing. Don’t give in to people who are late or want a discount.

(38:01) Know your ideal clientS

(38:08) Provide massive value for free

(38:15) Develop a way to pay and a way to play

(38:48) Set scarcity and stick to it

(40:16) Deliver with loads of open communication. Interaction with others and with the organizer helps to make the program more valuable.

(42:21) If you are willing to learn out loud, then creating courses is for you