In this video I will show you how to build your potential client/customer base with a free offer that will easily convert into sales.

0:02:10 Give away free content via a lead magnet. Provide value.

0:04:55 Use the Bot system to make magic happen.

0:07:48 Behind the scenes of building a lead magnet.

0:11:10 Key 1 – Know your offer. Molly shares what this means.

0:13:20 Key 2 – Make more sales in less time by knowing your ideal client. Yes, really.

0:20:05 Key 3 – Know their buying objections. Solve them.

0:28:14 Key 4 – Know what they need to know in order to be ready to buy.

0:39:01 Key 5 – Build relationships with real conversations. Listen in to learn how.

0:41:56 Bot training coming up.