5 Keys to Booking Your Next High Level Clients

There are so many people talking about how easy it is to run an online business. BUT if you don't have enough clients, it's not quite as easy as you may think. I know so many experts, coaches, and leaders who have powerful offers, yet have such a hard time finding the right clients.The bad news is… if you build it, they won't come. (Without a little extra pixie dust.) You can't just post about your services or products and magically have clients run to talk to you like many people believe. I have to say, while it does take effort, if you put the effort in the right places, it's way easier than you may be thinking.

(00:37) Learn how to book your next high level client

(02:02) Eliminate the #salesyweirdo syndrome

(03:32) Tap into what makes you awesome so you can get your products and services into the hands of people who need it most

(04:51) Join the next free masterclass

(05:58) Know your ideal client. This is different than the client avatar.

(07:41) Where do your 3 ideal clients hang out (in person and online)?

(09:12) Go there and meet them in person. Find the best way to serve them.

(13:38) Have an actual conversation with people to build relationships.

(14:08) Lift, Listen, Let’s Connect!!

(15:27) Lift – provide value

(17:34) Listen – Turn on your ears. (Have an exit strategy.)

(19:15) Have a notebook to record the problems people are experiencing so you can write them down

(20:12) Leave the business cards at home

(22:49) Mari Smith ninja trick

(24:02) Connect – Make real relationships and your business will thrive

(25:03) Just ask!

(26:33) Solve their problems via social media

(29:29) Make offers

(30:42) There are several ways to make offers

(37:09) Adam Urbanski is a genius at all things marketing

(38:22) Spotlighting

(40:17) Jennifer Deipstraten is a genius at all things sales

(44:44) Rinse and repeat!!


Shout outs

eWomen Network Motto – Lift as we climb

Mari Smith

Gary Vaynerchuk – BOOK:Β Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Adam Urbanski

Jennifer Diepstraten

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  1. Agghh! I’m just getting here! Gonna watch the replay for sure!

  2. Whatever Molly says is gold! I’ve gotten high ticket clients as a result of working with Molly in less than a month!!

  3. Just got home I will definitely watch the replay.

  4. Lisa Monette says:

    Brilliant!!! I’m always wanting to add pro makeup tips but didn’t want to get to specific until there’s report??

  5. It’s so amazing. I have to figure a way to fit it to my biz!!

  6. Do you still offer the LuLaRoe training?

  7. Omg! I can’t wait to watch this again

  8. Cathy Baker says:

    You have you tease them to make them want more. Spark the interest.

  9. I can totally see how Spotlighting could catapult your business!

  10. Please and thank you for Q&A in CC

  11. MaKay Zabel says:

    lol rinse and repeat!!

  12. Yes! next Camera Confidence session !!

  13. Camera Confidence. See you there. I have to run. Dogs await

  14. Cathy Baker says:

    How do you get the comments to pop up while on live feed

  15. My ideas crashed and burned. Now to rework

  16. Lisa Monette says:

    I have 10 pages on notes all while spinning and yoga stretching!!!!

  17. Can Facebook life ever work like this for me – I am a yoga teacher and am not sure how to make most of this ….

  18. Lisa Monette says:

    YouROCK sista!!!πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ€—β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  19. Tyna Day says:

    Click on the video

  20. Tyna Day says:

    Go Molly!! 100 viewers is amazing!!

  21. Trevor Smith says:

    This is my first video to watch of your and absolutely love it!!

  22. Molly I have 3 clients and one team member… I feel totally lost .. I would like an outline on Every day daily activities like how to run your MLM business day to day stuff.. Monday thru Sunday.. Using the set up and web page … How it ALL WORKS together… thanks

  23. so you do videos on business page… and then share to personal page???

  24. I know you online, but I’ll be doggone if I don’t meet you in person. By golly!!

  25. Yep, I don’t have biz cards anymore:)

  26. Share first ..give always

  27. Group events as a speaker

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