5 Keys to Making Powerful Connections OFF of Facebook

How to Make Business Connections… OFF of FACEBOOK! Ahhh! : ) You know that Facebook is a powerful tool for making business connections. BUT it's just a piece of the puzzle. Today, I'm sharing 5 Keys to Making Powerful Connections OFF of Facebook! Yaaas! And, I'm going to show you my favorite new LIGHT! If you want my free live video gear list, comment below with the word GEAR and I'll send it to you in messenger!

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  1. Oh, networking events are GOLDEN!!!! They were awkward for me at first but now I love them!

  2. I live in a very small town in Vermont, there are not many networking events that happen here (especially where I am) AND…. it may be time to host one!

  3. I always start with a complement to break the ice!

  4. OR Offer a contribution…donate a prize or a free gift! These are HUGE!

  5. I got to a lot of events but I’m nervous to come off too salesy. Thank you for the tips on being not only objective but what was the 2nd word…? 😬

  6. Great timing for this conversation as I’m going to a national conference at the end of this week!

  7. “Networking is not about collecting contacts, it’s about planting relations.” – glad I learned this early!

  8. Looking up eWomens network right now 😀

  9. Crista Smith says:

    Can you list these networks later?

  10. PWOW!!!! Professional women of WI, group of amazing women who want to create a relationships through networking!

  11. Crista Smith says:

    Sales me..for smu right?

  12. If you are in Wi keep me posted!!!

  13. So loving it!!! 😘

  14. Crista Smith says:

    Ok I can’t make SD

  15. This Molly is so much fun so dont stop keep going!!!

  16. Baby wearing saves lives. 😁

  17. i want to do that so bad! i want to get personal shopping clients

  18. Crista Smith says:

    Pretty in pink party for a select cancer patient we do this every year! We offer small services, and games like poker and you win tickets for cash discounts!

  19. Content Lab at 11 or 11:30??

  20. Karen Ortiz says:

    Omg that’s genious!!!

  21. Genius ideas Molly! Thank you!

  22. Its at 11 in the event

  23. Tyna Day says:

    Awesome idea!!! So gonna do that!!!

  24. Rude. Don’t let her ruin your mood

  25. Say Whut??? That’s nutty!!!

  26. I LOVE fundraising for charity and love going to fundraising events.

  27. Karen Ortiz says:

    ❤️ I’ve met some great big hearted neighbors this way. And they are so giving with their network contacts.


  29. Stop being a salesy weirdo. haha

  30. OMG this has been so freaking amazing, I’m taking notes, reeling with inspired ideas and I’m so excited to check out your gear list.xx Thanks so much Molly

  31. Crista Smith says:

    Greg watch replay this is amazing

  32. OMG! That’ll be awesome at the Center Club. I’m so there.

  33. Thanks for the recap!

  34. Crista Smith says:

    My notebook is FULL of your amazing tips!

  35. thankyou thank you thank you!!!

  36. Thank you as always!!

  37. My sponsee because of her being sister in law sponsee also

  38. Lisa Monette says:

    Your never soapboxie…you are soap opera beautiful!!🎥🎤

  39. Heck yes! Cute heck yes box! I thought you made it! I can so make stuff like that… !!!

  40. OK Molly Mahoney you officially inspired me. You said “go out meet people” and you said “go network” and you said “host your own event” so I will do all three in one next Wednesday. Thank you #GirlOnFire

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