5 Insanely Awesome Networking Tips and 3 Networking Blunders to Avoid

If you want to connect with new potential clients, JV partners and friends at events, watch this video. I know networking events can be nerve wracking and a little awkward. I've been ramping up my event schedule this year and I have put together 5 insanely awesome networking tips and 3 networking blunders you must avoid at all costs. These tips will help you to make genuine connections that will turn into long term friendships and business relationships. I'm fired up about this one and can NOT wait to share with you!

(01:04) Attending networking events + doing live videos works well together and creates an awesome opportunity.

(03:23) Click here and comment the word “Decide” if you want to make a difference in the world.

(07:54) Networking Tip #1 – This tip leads to new clients, JV partners, new friends. Set an objective. Check out some examples by Molly.

(10:30) Networking Tip #2 – Set an intention. This is different than setting an objective. Lift while you climb. Serve first. Leave your ego at the door. Givers gain.

(13:18) Click here to order a copy of Molly’s book, Performance Power.

(13:30) Networking Tip #3 – Wear like you care. Make a statement in what you wear. Represent your brand. Wear conversation-starter clothing.

(18:50) Networking Tip #4 – Decide to shine. Use eye contact. Put your shoulders back. Practice shining by doing live video. You will make real connections and have a powerful effect on your business. Stand by the door and don’t disappear.

(23:16) Networking Tip #5 – Be curious. How many questions can you ask someone? Jot down questions before you go. Connections are stronger and you will know what they want.

(25:15) Quesadilla of Awesome.

(27:05) Mistake #1 – List shame. Drop the ego. Don’t just look at the numbers. Make REAL connections. You can learn something from just about everyone. List shame is lame.

(32:41) Mistake #2 – Salesy weirdo. Get curious. Don’t just sell.

(34:04) Mistake #3 – Crazy card pusher. Don’t just throw your cards AT people. Make real relationships. Check out Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk. He talks about how NOT to be a salesy weirdo.

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  1. You’re so adorable Molly!!

  2. We learn from anyone. It doesn’t matter the following numbers

  3. Quality over quantity!! <3

  4. That is what makes you real !!

  5. Numbers like that is just ego driven.

  6. Breathe move on .. she is.not your people

  7. My answer would have been ” oh I have no idea, I focus on the content and building Relationships”

  8. Marga Macias says:

    No one can outshine you, Molly! Sparkle like you always do!

  9. I love how you are yourself

  10. Tess Benson says:

    Its easy to get caught up in numbers! It doesnt really mean much!

  11. Big numbers . Doesn’t mean Big Business

  12. I liked his book as a business card! It was his attitude that made him a salesy weirdo. And he was the kind who was kind of like “oh, I have something great, but I’m not going to tell you what it is”. WTF?

  13. You’re so adorable Molly!! 😘

  14. You’re so freakin cute you remind me of me

  15. Jen Hammel says:

    Your energy is in-sane! (impressive) literally making me tired just watching you – i need to learn to fake that until I become it.

  16. Love the shout outs to eWomenNetwork


  18. Tess Benson says:

    LOVE THIS SCREEN SHARE! #BeLiveforthewin

  19. Oh my goodness! I love this! We are always pushed to read certain books who push, push, push like this. I hate salesy.

  20. Tracey Cox says:

    I put names and numbers and emails in my phone… gives importance to the meeting <3

  21. I bought their stuff so they would SHUT UP

  22. Years ago, I recognized the new marketing as becoming feminine. It’s based in feelings and connecting, not pushing and what will make women want to sleep with you!

  23. This is my first time tuning in! Thanks, Molly! Looking forward to your training tomorrow!

  24. The thing I do before I go to the event in the car is play Journey’s Song ” Don’t Stop Believe’n” to get pumped up and get the juices flowing.

  25. Tina Shang says:

    I do not have business cards.

  26. Tina Shang says:

    I hate traditional networking and business cards I don’t use them. They will remember me because we connected and If they need my services they will find me.

  27. Pam Shadix says:

    Thanks Molly. I need your help.

  28. How did I miss the shoes? I wear light green converse sneakers and people always come up to me. My shoes and glasses make me popular in crowds. 😉

  29. Business should be about relationships!

  30. Followers & likes don’t pay the bills!

  31. Celebrate!!! Yes 😃🎉

  32. You’re so adorable! 💜

  33. You’re so adorable!

  34. Im sharing in my group: LeapersOnlyClub

  35. How you get that thumbnail?im tired having crazy faces captured on my live!😂I want be intentional with what people see.Molly Mahoney

  36. How you get that thumbnail?im tired having crazy faces captured on my live!I want be intentional with what people see.Molly Mahoney

  37. Women drinking beer? Awesome. I love it.

  38. Diana’s shoes never fail to disappoint.

  39. Depending on the networking meeting, I sometimes hug, too.

  40. People used to tell me I ask too many questions. About a year ago I realized that is one of my super powers, too. I’m a great interviewer because I’m so curious.

  41. List shame and downright rude.

  42. She could have looked it up herself later.

  43. It takes time to build relationships.

  44. Good for you for going back and making the impact you always make.

  45. It’s not like “build the numbers and they will come.” lol

  46. That’s why being curious is so important. You have to learn what people want so you can see if you are able to solve their problem.

  47. Susan K. Morrow-Johnson – I think I know who you’re talking about. haha

  48. …I’ve met people like that before. I actually leave their card on the table and don’t look at it.

  49. Linda Kratz Foote – who pushes you to read books that tell you to push, push, push? Yikes!! That’s terrible.

  50. If you throw your cards at people, you will be spending a lot of money on cards. haha

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