If you want to connect with new potential clients, JV partners and friends at events, watch this video. I know networking events can be nerve wracking and a little awkward. I've been ramping up my event schedule this year and I have put together 5 insanely awesome networking tips and 3 networking blunders you must avoid at all costs. These tips will help you to make genuine connections that will turn into long term friendships and business relationships. I'm fired up about this one and can NOT wait to share with you!

(01:04) Attending networking events + doing live videos works well together and creates an awesome opportunity.

(03:23) Click here and comment the word “Decide” if you want to make a difference in the world.

(07:54) Networking Tip #1 – This tip leads to new clients, JV partners, new friends. Set an objective. Check out some examples by Molly.

(10:30) Networking Tip #2 – Set an intention. This is different than setting an objective. Lift while you climb. Serve first. Leave your ego at the door. Givers gain.

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(13:30) Networking Tip #3 – Wear like you care. Make a statement in what you wear. Represent your brand. Wear conversation-starter clothing.

(18:50) Networking Tip #4 – Decide to shine. Use eye contact. Put your shoulders back. Practice shining by doing live video. You will make real connections and have a powerful effect on your business. Stand by the door and don’t disappear.

(23:16) Networking Tip #5 – Be curious. How many questions can you ask someone? Jot down questions before you go. Connections are stronger and you will know what they want.

(25:15) Quesadilla of Awesome.

(27:05) Mistake #1 – List shame. Drop the ego. Don’t just look at the numbers. Make REAL connections. You can learn something from just about everyone. List shame is lame.

(32:41) Mistake #2 – Salesy weirdo. Get curious. Don’t just sell.

(34:04) Mistake #3 – Crazy card pusher. Don’t just throw your cards AT people. Make real relationships. Check out Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk. He talks about how NOT to be a salesy weirdo.