5 Secret Strategies To Stay On Top Of the Newsfeed

Are you ready to stay on top of the newsfeed with your amazing and valuable posts? I mean, duh! Who doesn't? Especially when it comes to your business! You are going to want to take a look at these 5 Secret Strategies To Stay On Top Of the Newsfeed in 2019!

With all of the cha cha cha changes… you may be wondering – what the HECK do I do to show up in the newsfeed?

We've got your back and have tested some pretty sweet strategies that are working TODAY.

Stay in Action

You want to stand out in newsfeed, you have to stay in action. If you disappear, when you come back to Facebook, everything's going to changed and you are going to drift off into the ethereal land where no one can find you. Staying in action helps you stay ahead of the curb. It helps you be one of the first to get on top of these changes and when you are in action, that is when clarity comes. So the more action you take, whether you fail or whether you win, you're going to learn. Then you will be able to course correct, tweak, and move forward into the next step.

Provide Multiple Touch Points

If you are relying only on one platform or one type of list, you are missing out. Yes, we love Facebook. Facebook still has so many people who are wanting to consume your content, who are wanting to get the value that you provide. But they may be a little distracted. So you want to use multiple touch-points and drive them back to the places where we want them to show up.

Use Specific Language

Be really specific. First and foremost, in your call to action and how you're telling people to take a next step. Make sure when you say “reply,” you mean reply, when you say “comment” you mean comment. Because sometimes people switch those words up. And you want to be really specific about the words that you're using so that your community can actually understand them.

Start Personal Conversations

You want to have actual conversations with real humans. Send emails that have a question where they have to reply, this will up your open rates. Send messenger bots using questions with a custom field. You can take this information and use it in your content, use it in your marketing so that you're really speaking to the soul of the human beings in your life.

Niche Down

On my live training, I showed examples of two different people that we are working with, two of our awesome GLAM clients.  One client sells a skin tag remover to estheticians who is killing it, another who sells insurance adjustment software training to contractors. The fact that they are so specific is working really well. So if you can niche down and serve a specific community, that is where the engagement will really take off. Your results will soar.

AND, here's two great case studies/strategies that you can put into action right away!

Create a 4 Part Giveaway to Increase Engagement and Page Reach. 

How to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook in 2018

Combine Messenger Bots and FbLive for a Real Supercharged Plan!

How Messenger Bots and ManyChat Took My Facebook Live Video Reach Past 1 Million


If you are using messenger bots, there are some tweaks that we've made so that you avoid engagement bait. So if you are using bots, where people comment below to get access to something, there's a couple of tweaks that you want to do. Rather than asking them to use a specific word you want to ask an open-ended question. This has been working super well, especially for our clients who are niche-ing down and using a very specific language. It is difficult to do on a Facebook live, but a great shift for a regular post. Get started with messenger bots at

These are loads of tips that will help you to stay ahead and to stand out in the newsfeed. I hope you enjoyed these 5 Secret Strategies To Stay On Top Of the Newsfeed! You can watch the live video replay right here! 

Get started with BeLive.TV at

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