Do you track your marketing efforts? Enough is enough! THIS is stopping your forward movement and it’s time we talk about it! I’ve supported 1000’s of business owners and this one thing, more than anything else, is the singular reason businesses either fail to bring in the leads, or see new levels of success at a rapid pace. You might think it’s fear…you might think it’s lack of clarity.

Those are close…

But this is even bigger.

Because honestly, there are times when we will be scared. Furthermore, there are times when we will be confused.

AND… our ability to QUICKLY pivot, to recover from seeming business mishaps, things that “don’t work” to LEARN from what you put out into the world… THAT is the one thing that will allow you to truly succeed.

What is comes down to is not only tracking each step, but learning from each step, and knowing which steps to tweak as you move forward. You have to track your marketing efforts. That is the true path to success!

5 Ways to Track Your Marketing Efforts and Speed Up Your Path to Success.

1. Set a Goal

The first thing you want to do is you want to set an actual goal. How many sales do you want to bring in? What is the actual goal that you have? Let’s say even just for a month, set a goal. What would you like to see as a result of a specific campaign within one month?

2. Identify Some KPIs

Once you have that final goal, you want to step back and identify some KPIs. What’s a KPI? It is a key performance indicator and you want to have lots of them that you’re tracking throughout the process of getting to that goal. So you want to be tracking is what are the KPIs with your marketing efforts? If it’s a Facebook Live, you want to track the views, the reach, the engagement, the comments, the likes, all of that stuff. These are signs that people are showing up, signs that people are watching, signs that you could maybe use a retargeting ad, signs that you could maybe reach out to somebody individually as a human. Track those KPIs.

3. Find a Way To Track

Do you have a way to track your marketing efforts? Or are you not actually able to tell where these sales are coming from?” You can do things like use UTM codes on Google. Use a Pretty Link. Use little like Bitly-type links that actually track who’s clicking on which thing. You can use specific keywords. You can use coupon codes. You can actually talk to human beings and ask them how they found you, right? When people come into your programs, have a form they fill out that says how they got there. This is not rocket science. It can be complicated and cool, but it can also be super, super simple. Ask yourself, do you have ways to track?

4. Start With the Ending

And then you want to go to the ending. So, start with your sales. Ask yourself, “Do I have sales?” Then, from there, you’re going to ask yourself, “Why?” Or if you are, find out here they are coming from and work backwards.

Do you have sales? Yes! Are you making offers? Yes or no. Why are you making offers? Because you have lots of leads coming in or because you don’t have any leads coming in, or do you have lots of leads and you’re just kind of scared and maybe you just aren’t thinking about the fact that, what, I’m a human who needs to tell people that I have an awesome offer. Right? Are you making those offers? If you are making offers, then go back and look, do I actually have conversions, right?

Are people actually converting? From there, you’re going to go back and find out if you are actually bringing in leads? Right? And if you’re not actually bringing in leads, one of my favorite things to do is to prove to you that you actually do have leads everywhere, but if you’re not actually bringing in leads, figure out why. Maybe it’s because you’re not actually putting content out or maybe you are putting content out, whether it’s free value that you’re delivering once a week like we suggest, or with Facebook ads, you’ve got to figure out is that content that you’re sharing converting. Right? Are people actually showing up and getting to that next step or are people not even showing up at all? So there’s going to be all of these whys around that content.

5. Make Tiny Tweaks

Finally, you are now able to make tiny tweaks. You don’t want to make a huge, big change right away because then you’ll never know what was actually working. Make a tiny little tweak and then go back and check those KPIs. Next, you are going to do the whole thing all over again.

To conclude, this is something that you want to be checking in with yourself and checking in with your team once a week. We have all of these spreadsheets and other tools that are tracking these results. Some of our favorite tools are SmarterQueue or Google Analytics. But really, you can be tracking this stuff yourself just with a pen and paper.

You’ve got to be tracking your marketing efforts. It’s one of the reason that in our GLAM program, we track all of these things every week and we track them out loud where everybody can see it. So that we’re able to tell, okay, it looks like you didn’t make any offers this week, but you had 20 leads. Then, you need to go make some offers!

Perhaps it looks like you made 20 offers this week and you only had one sale. We’ve got to talk about those offers. But if you’re not tracking these things, you cannot make a difference.

We also have this really cool BIZ assessment that can actually help you with all this. Just click here: www.ThePreparedPerformer.com/bizcheck.You can document what you’ve been tracking to start to figure out what pieces need to be fixed. More importantly, find the holes that you want to patch up in your business. This is when you can really skyrocket that success and start seeing more amazingness in your business so that you can make a bigger impact on the world.

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