I’ve loved hearing all the new songs at the Ghost Light Vocal Jam! (If you weren’t able to make it, you can find the videos here.)

Finding new songs for your AUDITION BOOK, or material to sing at the #GLVJ is super fun but also can be a pain in the booty.

LUCKILY – my awesome voice coach Andrew Byrne has a new post up over on Backstage.com Here’s a snippet…

Andrew Byrne“Your book of audition songs should be a representation of who you are, plain and simple. What you choose to sing tell us a lot about you; beyond simply letting us hear your voice, these pieces help us learn what kind of stories attract you, what ideas you think are important, and what you have to say to the world. The more inventive and specific your song choices are, the more interested creative teams can be in you and your work. While it is important to have some standard pieces in your book, there is also a place for finding some bolder, less expected options in selecting rep. Here are five ideas to jump-start your individuality:”

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