Tired of videos that look sloppy and unprofessional?

I have 6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Facebook Live Video Quality

Stop AVOIDING FB Live because you are worried about how your video will turn out?!

Don't worry! I have your back!

I'll be sharing 6 Easy Ways to Up-level Your FB Live Videos so you can make a bigger impact and make more mula NOW!

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How to Get Better Video Quality on Facebook Live

There are few things that can ruin the business image you’ve worked so hard to create as does mediocre live video quality. Yet video quality is the simplest thing to manage once you get the hang of it. So stop worrying yourself silly over how to improve your Facebook Live video quality and practice these easy steps:


Set an agenda, pre-schedule your video using something like BELIVE and follow our APR method!

Announce, Pretend, Repurpose! AND – check your internet connection. Seriously – this is MAGIC we are talking about here! It'd be best if you are hard wired… if you can't get hard wired, make sure you have a strong connection and close out all other applications on your computer. Closing out all other apps will also eliminate the possibility of beeps or notifications which, no matter how minor, can impact your video.


Try different lighting arrangements with different effects and test them out. If your room has windows, the degree of natural light at different times of the day can impact the brightness and in turn the overall visual quality of the video. One of my favorite techniques is to use a light with a dimmer so you can adjust it until you get the desired effect! In addition there are selfie lights that can improve your Facebook Live video quality. If you are struggling – try the iGlasses app for MAC computers. I'm obsessed with it! You can adjust the video output on any tool! Zoom, FbLive, you name it!


It can be tempting to spend hundreds of dollars on creating a super striking set. However, you don’t have to do that to improve your Facebook Live video quality. We like to think of creating a Brand Ambassador so that people run up to you and say – OMG! You are the same on camera as you are off! Love it!

Check out the examples I shared in the video from Danielle MacKinnon and Owen Video.


I actually did a full tutorial on how to create a frame! Here's a link to the tutorial, and templates!


And, if you want to get really profesh – add lower thirds or scrolling text to the bottom of your videos. Another trick that is sooo easy to do with BeLive.TV


Those of you who are struggling with how to improve your Facebook Live video quality, bring in photos and screen share! This is a fun and easy way to make your videos pop! Screen share is particularly useful when you’re trying to illustrate a step or doing a demo … AND even otherwise to retain your audience’s interest.


Use a MICROPHONE even if it's just a headset mic. Increasing the video quality on Facebook Live videos means not relying on the sound from your computer mic. Yikes! There's a few great tools including the affordable mic I use on this post!


And, if you plan on playing videos or sound effects, use the super cool tool my friend Owen Video shared with me… LOOPBACK – which you can get here.

These are some easy but powerful ways on “How to improve video quality on Facebook Live”. Let us know which of these tips proved to be the most effective for you and also feel free to share any of your own favorite tips!