Are you ready for 6 Ways to Increase Your Revenue in One Week!

Do you ever feel stalled? Like, you have a goal to hit and all of a sudden… boom you are way off track and it feels like you won’t get there?Or maybe you a surprised by an awesome opportunity but can’t figure out how on earth you can afford it?

These mini revenue boosters will knock your socks off. You can use them now, or when you are in a pinch.

I promise you’ll thank me later!

Before you jump in remember…

  • Remove Yourself From the End Result. This will not work if you are GRIPPING at the “sale” that you are hoping will come out of these strategies.
  • Ask yourself… What Can You Offer That Lights You Up? I want you to be so in love with your offer… you want to shout it from the roof tops.
  • Then… dive in!

1. Clear Space

There’s two ways you want to clear space.  First, you want to look at your calendar and make sure that you can actually have space for making sales because if you don’t have space for the sales, the sales are not going to come. I specifically set aside time and every single week, actually several days a week now where I have the time set aside to make sales. And then, protect that space with your life. It’s really easy to let other people take that space from you. Get it in your calendar! If you have to go three weeks ahead to get it in, get it in, set it on repeat. Second, you have to make space to deliver the sales. If you are maxed out then you don’t have time to actually deliver more of the products or services that you offer. 


2. Ask for Raised Hands

There are so many places that you can go to ask for raised hands. Go into groups, into your personal Facebook page, and your business page. And then you have your email list, your messenger bot list and Instagram. What about LinkedIn? The list can go on and on and on.

Make a post that lets people know that you have a solution to a problem. For example,  you can say, “Hey, I’ve heard people experiencing this problem. I honestly, I honestly have a really awesome free solution. Would you like to see it? It’s written guide.”  Or maybe it’s just a message that you’re going to send them. And low stakes message that is simply providing a value and a solution. Celebrating the wins of your clients is another great way to get people to raise their hands. 

You just have to ask and you will see an increase in revenue.

3. Sit Your Booty Down and Make Two Lists

Sit that booty down because it’s time to make two lists. The first list is a current client list. These are current clients that you want to elevate. How can your current clients help your revenue when they have already paid you for something. It means they like you and that they find value in what you provide. And…they are more likely to make us to make another purchase than anybody else. Next, make another list of ideal clients that you would love to work with. We have an awesome system for setting up organic retargeting, which is a way to take these lists as a CRM with your Facebook page.

4. Look for More Raised Hands

Look for the raised hands and then look for more raised hands! So you asked for people to raise their hands and now go to them. Look at people who have liked or hearted commented on your Facebook posts  and reach out to them. That is them raising their hands so put them on that list! Go into your Facebook groups. 

Or, for example, let’s say that you support people with Pinterest and there is a Pinterest group that you are in. Begin to build relationships with the members in that group and watch for people that are interested in using Pinterest. Then, message them and let them know that you are both in a Pinterest group and that you have services that may support what they are looking to do.

5. Reach Out to Power Partners

Reach out to power partners. Find power partners that you can refer people, share your friendship and the awesomeness that they offer. If you do this for them, then they will do it for you.  You can say, “Hey, I’m looking to bring in two more members that are awesome glam VIP program this week. Do you know anybody who would be a good fit?” Maybe you have an affiliate or referral bonus, maybe not. It can work purely on goodwill. But you will see an increase in your revenue.

6. Make OFFERS.

Now it’s time to make offers, and NOT “Hey Girl Hey”, spammy offers. Be honest and be human. Think about how you can make real human connections. Lead with your heart and start conversations with the intention that you want to serve people to the best of your ability. Sometimes it will be a good fit and sometimes it won’t. But it doesn’t matter. How can you increase your revenue if you are not making offers? It’s all about  getting out there, making the offer and knowing that your ideal clients will say “Yes.”

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