7 Ways to Grow Your Subscriber Base

So often we hear, “The fortune is in the follow up!” That's all good as long as you have people to follow up with! Jump into this video and learn, 7 Ways to Grow Your Subscriber Base, so that you can start building your list, making connections, and making a difference. I'll share new and unexpected strategies that are actually working, and a few super old school tricks that most people seem to have forgotten about. Can't wait! See you there!

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  1. So cool, yes Maegan is AMAZING!

  2. Listen quietly and solve LOUDLY!!

  3. Fiona Clarke says:

    Hi! I have to find a way with the business card trick, for non business ppl!! My customer base, aren’t entrepreneurs/bosses

  4. “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” Stephen Covey

  5. YES! YES! I had just decided this was my “week of Questions” in my group. So goood!

  6. Fiona Clarke says:

    I have a furniture restoration business, sell paint and tutor

  7. How about asking if they’re on facebook and become friends on the spot

  8. Fiona Clarke says:

    YEAH I NEED MY BOT!!! #mybad

  9. How about if she got a texting service for them to text the word “mybad” to 76626.

  10. I like to take a picture of the two of us and text them our picture with my name.

  11. I text them a business card and a little blurb with a link to my fb group

  12. Fiona Clarke says:

    She will be called ‘Curly Bot’ 😀 i have crazy curly hair

  13. Curly Bot is a great name.

  14. is available for only $11.99 on GoDaddy.

  15. Fiona Clarke says:

    Thank yoooooooou <3

  16. Yes!! So many people are afraid to ask yet so many people are HAPPY to do it as support!

  17. I struggle with asking for shares. It’s so silly, but true.

  18. Kelley loved your video on grocery delivery! Good value!

  19. OMG!! She got SO many messages from the Free Cuddles email.

  20. I totally get it Jennifer! But there are so many people that want to support you!

  21. Jennifer – it’s okay. It doesn’t come easy at the beginning for people who are givers. Just say it the first time (and it will probably feel awkward, but you have to do it). Realize that you are giving value. If you are not asking people to share, there are people who are not receiving the value they are looking for.

  22. Noooooo, tell us now!!! I’m impatient!!

  23. Yes! Or “Support your fellow entrepreneurs by sharing this valuable content!”

  24. Instacart has CHANGED my life. lmbo

  25. Here’s to more JOY!!

  26. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Kelley Yindiphol Tenny and Lynda Sunshine West rock!! haha

  27. Evelyn Flynn says:

    Going Live today @ 6:00 pm central about 2017 Trends for Trade Shows!

  28. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!!!

  29. Wahoooo!!! Molly Mahoney created a Ninja Dream Team for all of you!

  30. Fiona Clarke says:

    whooooooooo! Well done ladies 😀 Lynda & Kelly

  31. This team is gonna kick bootie big time.

  32. Curriculum and Instruction

  33. OMG thats incredible!!

  34. Really? You’re ADDHDHDHDDHD?? haha

  35. We are ready to blast you into your next level. Are you ready?

  36. Evelyn Flynn says:

    I like that you bringing more!

  37. There is no sound on this replay???? Molly Mahoney

  38. I can’t hear it either! Ugg

  39. Dee Ray says:

    Yea no sound ……ohhh thats a good idea for her to get more customers lol i see

  40. So when you set up the landing page, do you have to have a website?

  41. Dee Ray says:

    You missed mine 🙁

  42. Dee Ray says:

    I dont think she sees my text

  43. Dee Ray says:

    Cause i got the bot lol

  44. no audio here either

  45. I want to go on the PP cruise!!!

  46. Shared while watching replay.

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