Avoid Getting Flagged for “Engagement Bait”

How to stay ahead of the algorithm curve!

Worried that your posts will be demoted because your videos and copy are being scanned for words that will be flagged for engagement bait?

Worried that it's not safe to use bots anymore?

Let's get to the bottom of it once and for all!

Watch this video to learn how you can boost your engagement without getting flagged for engagement bait!


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  1. Deb Farrell says:

    I didn’t get it…twice.

  2. I still never got the bot to respond when I commented with the word Real πŸ™

  3. Molly Mahoney I’m not sure the Mollybot is working for me after I’ve commented with Real and Train

  4. #Real , I’m wanting the full write up

  5. I usually say “Secret word is ______ when you have passed me around your world.” The word changes everyday.

  6. Tina Madsen says:

    #nugget – REAL is always BEST

  7. Claire Bissett Jason Frost Jessica Miller Suzanne James Louise Sweeney

  8. Cathy Baker says:

    #takeaways #nuggets

  9. Cathy Baker says:

    #nugget #open ended questions #real conversation #be a genuine person/ friend #avoid asking people to tag friends or share #say β€œ if we can get this to 90 viewers I Can unlock a free gift β€œ

  10. love to have the #real

  11. Who is your sister on IG?

  12. This was real-ly informative. Great to have this real genuine advice.

  13. Real good stuff Mollie

  14. Melina Bliss says:

    First time here πŸ’–

  15. Nugget: Use open ended questions that start a conversation.

  16. I vote for Austin Too!

  17. Hollering real 4 the write up

  18. Marc Brooks says:

    Real! where do I find this ?

  19. Janet Sides says:

    #nugget First time watching you. Great tips.

  20. Janet Sides says:

    #nugget story’s and open ended questions.

  21. Janet Sides says:

    I offer in my business making people feel like a 10 every single time they walk out the door using capsule wardrobes on a dime. πŸ˜‰

  22. Janet Sides says:

    #nugget show the love and give me a fireworks show.

  23. #nugget single word giveaways

  24. Nancy Becher says:

    #nugget be careful what you say in your videos.

  25. Can you use the phrase “Tell me”?

  26. #nugget be real sparkle bonus for a certain number of friends

  27. Deb Doughty says:

    Real, replayπŸ’– love your energy

  28. Deb Doughty says:

    Real, replay love your energy

  29. Lisa Stewart says:

    Weird. I’m not seeing the count…

  30. Lisa Stewart says:

    I help inventors convert their idea into a product that sells

  31. Lisa Stewart says:

    But the bots don’t engage unless you have a trigger word, right?

  32. Marie Mason says:

    Yes, I would love to have a guidebook on the bots.

  33. Kim Seaborn says:

    #nugget A clue to share my take away!!!

  34. Kim Seaborn says:

    #Nugget 90 Viewers do whatever you want to get the share or comment or tag.

  35. Kim Seaborn says:

    #Nugget 90 viewers write SPARKLE!!

  36. Marie Mason says:

    Hi Molly Mahoney – The Prepared Performer’s Dad.

  37. Marie Mason says:

    Love the view of your hotel where are you?

  38. Marie Mason says:

    Tell me in the comments below

  39. Marie Mason says:

    It means tell me in the comments below.

  40. Marie Mason says:

    #nugget- Facebook wants real conversations and engagement.

  41. Marie Mason says:

    #Nugget be a real human being and have real authentic conversations. When did this become a new concept?

  42. Marie Mason says:

    We are at 178 viewers

  43. Marie Mason says:

    #nugget, be a real person and have a real conversation. When did that become somethng we have to ask people to do?

  44. Marie Mason says:

    You were frozen but are back

  45. Marie Mason says:

    WHen you comment Real then it sends us to the video for this training.

  46. Marie Mason says:

    We offer content writing, marketing and video production and editing.

  47. Nugget- having real conversations

  48. Health and well being


  50. #nuggetask open ended questions to create a real conversation

  51. I haven’t received any messages. πŸ™

  52. How can I trigger a sequence with a flow?

  53. Real! Omg I’m a top fan

  54. Laura Rike says:

    The power of the “share” button!

  55. A guide is a great help

  56. So awesome to get the guide, thank you

  57. Empowering my people is my jam

  58. Molly bot hasn’t shown up for me

  59. Good to know about emoji

  60. I would totally go to NYC

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