Big Changes for Facebook Business Pages

THE SKY IS NOT FALLING!! How to understand the new Facebook Updates and how to use them for your advantage! And, if you want seriously amazing resources that will help you to keep your business page alive, or revive it if it needs reviving… comment below with the word VALUE. We've got you covered!Big thanks to my friend Billy Funk for jumping in while I had to take my kiddo to the potty. Hahahah! There's a first for everything!

Here's the resources and experts we mentioned in the video. Rocking Resources!

Free Goodness:

Higher Level of Support:

And, if for some reason, this video stops at the 30 min mark – I've also uploaded it here so that you can see the whole thing. 

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  1. God bless both of you❤️🙏🏻 Thank you!!

  2. Thanks for including me in this. Always love your energy!

  3. JoAnne Worley for the new Millenium

  4. Bo DeLuc says:

    Hubby asks me to put out The trash with my foil hat on and the battle of a thunderstorm it’s just his things

  5. #camfam #glamfam #mollstars

  6. Sue Ferreira says:

    Belated Happy New Year, Everyone! 😀😀😀

  7. Tricia Rande says:

    Thank you for your Friday night dedication to solving problems 😊❤️

  8. Bo DeLuc says:

    #value #new funk #graphic #

  9. Bo DeLuc says:

    Molly, so weird, I noticed I dropped about 500 followers overnite, now I am getting requests to add these people back… have had these people have asked me what’s up? Why do they have to reopt

  10. Bo DeLuc says:

    Could this be a weird algorithm?

  11. LOL,Charlie moment, I love it

  12. Can you explain more in depth how to use your profile page to move those people/friends/fans to your business page? You and Billy know what you’re talking about but I feel like I’m missing some steps

  13. April Murphy says:

    He will make it up with ads i think

  14. Danielle…yes you can block specific words on your business page in the settings. Message me.

    • Danielle Coffer
      To block words:
      Click settings at the top of your business page.
      From “General”, click “Page Moderation”
      Type the words you want to block, separated by commas.
      You’ll need to add both the singular and plural forms of the word(s) you want to block.
      Click “Save Changes”

  15. Jacilyn Shaw says:

    lol omg don’t pee on mom

  16. Jacilyn Shaw says:

    and it’s designed to help the BEST content come through so up your game!

  17. April Murphy says:

    Do either of you teach how to do a bit, and how to setup a live technologically??

  18. April Murphy says:

    Are you doing another makeover? I am headed to a wedding in Vegas on the 9th:(

  19. Arcy Gomez says:

    #replay 🙁 I can’t believe I’ve missed your last lives

  20. April Murphy says:

    I am just starting, tried to go live and kept freezing. I love in a bad area for dsl and cellular

  21. April Murphy says:

    Trying to watch replay and it keeps starting over

  22. April Murphy says:

    How do you get engagment with no viewers while you are just learning?

  23. Laura Gomoll says:

    Facebook Business Page Make Over would be nice.

  24. 3 times so far… I’m a rookie lol

  25. Ann Rusnak says:

    I went to my page and wasn’t given the option to follow anybody when I clicked See first Molly

  26. I have no idea what some of these things you are talking about or mentioning to use.

  27. Yes, we are good, go help him.

  28. you can “see first” up to 14 peoole?

  29. This is a great thing to do. Celebrate who you are and what makes you a human being.

  30. This was the most entertaining and informative Facebook Live I have seen to-date! You had such grace under pressure, Molly Mahoney – The Prepared Performer What a great mom you are. 🙂 You and Billy Funk exemplified the meaning of “meaningful social interactions.” 🙂

  31. Molly Mahoney you are amazing! Thanks for sharing. I watched a bit and will schedule time tomorrow to listen and take notes. Thanks! Thanks!

  32. You two should co-host more often. You click!

  33. Karie Price says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen one of your lives…how have I not discovered you before??? ❤️

  34. Jill Gilson interesting info in the comments about lives. Love ya ❤️

  35. Holy crap! This is THE. Best. Live. EVER. #ImDyingRightNow

  36. Love your enthusiasm and energy!

  37. Hi Molly Thank you for walking us through this.

  38. Look how many views yesterday!! I used to struggle to get 100

  39. Bot! I really want to step up my game in this area. Thanks!

  40. Hi Charlie OMG your kid is so darn cute! 😍😍

  41. OMG what happened.. I am dying here

  42. Hi Charlie OMG your kid is so darn cute!

  43. Dawn Heuft says:

    Would love to know what you’re using to add your overlay on a live video!

  44. 😁 late night for you…. early morning for me 🌄

  45. late night for you…. early morning for me

  46. How can i check if i have a personal fb pg or a business fb pg?

    • Hi Gloria, This is Molly’s assistant, Shanon. Molly can go into more detail, but if you never purposefully set up a business page, you will only have a personal page. On a business page you have the option to create a cover video, and you have “insights” that show up when you scroll down your timeline. Let us know if that helped and if not, I can have Moly step in.

    • It’s that I don’t think fb had the option of business pages when I set up my pg. But I have another fb pg under my name and this pg under my business name but I’ve never seen a business pg before so don’t know if there are any differences. But thx for responding appreciate it.

  47. Personal moments that need is to connect…. connections to relationships! ❤️💥

  48. Personal moments that need is to connect…. connections to relationships!

  49. Cessia Byrom says:

    Yolanda Moreno- Manning

  50. Of course he wants to make money with Facebook. It’s a business!. A few years ago I saw some stats on how much it costs to run Facebook, all the computers, all the manpower. And for the most part it’s free! We’re away

  51. Oops. Facebook ads, and going public, we’re away to finally recoup some of that money that it cost to run Facebook.

  52. That takes courage. Big decision to do the right thing leading to stock drop

  53. Hangouts on air started the whole personal broadcast era. But Google dropped The ball! Or maybe it was too early. Or
    People just didn’t like Google plus maybe. Then came periscope. Then Facebook live. Amazing that every person now has an amplified voice!

  54. Public figure pages should be treated the same is all I’m saying. They are not. Treated the same at all

  55. U can only choose 5 see firsts.

  56. “See first” is essentially what “interest list“ used to be!!

  57. Yes, I think you can block certain keywords with many chat, to avoid trolls in your comments.

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