Big Facebook changes are coming! Are you ready to learn how to handle them?

Have you ever woken up in the morning, grab your cup of coffee, you sit down at your desk, maybe you’re even working from bed you like pull your laptop over, you go to go to engage in your Facebook groups like you do. Every morning, you connect with your community. And all of a sudden, bam, everything has changed. Like the the way that the cover photo is all messed up. There’s no you don’t even have like the discussion section on your Facebook group. And you’re like, “Oh my gosh, what the heck is happening?” Big Facebook changes are coming!

We are going to go through a whole system and strategies that you can use so that you can stay ahead of the big change.

You have 3 choices…

1. Roll your eyes… pull the covers back over your head and pray it goes back to the way it was so you don’t have to spend loads of time trying to figure it out.

2. Decide… THAT’S IT! I GIVE UP! I don’t care how many friends I have who will miss me when I go! I don’t care about bringing in clients via my biz page. I’m going to walk away from the best marketing tool available. I’m leaving!

3. Think, “Phew!” I’m soooo glad I watched Molly’s video on Feb. 6th because she taught me exactly how to handle this! AND… I now see that these changes are the BEST thing that can happen for me and my biz!

Sooo – which will you choose?

We are going to go ahead and put it out there… we’d suggest you choose #3.

And we have a system called F F T T that will help you handle these changes!

Face It!

This is how you change it. You have to face it first and recognize is this actually a change? Don’t run, don’t go back under the covers. Go get your cup of coffee and get ready! Realize that there are new things that you will be facing. And know that you are going to face it then before you actually figure out how to fix it.

Feel It!

Allow yourself to be annoyed. It’s ok to be yourself to be frustrated. Let yourself to be like, “Oh my gosh. Is this happening again?”

Here’s what you want to do. Shorten the freakout as short as you can make it because and this has been a giant change for me. And just in the past year, it has been a major accelerator for us in business. If you shorten the freak out so that you can get back to focusing on what matters when you freak out.

Twist It!

Okay, so you faced it, felt it, then you’re going to twist it!

You’re going to say, “How can I make this a positive?”  The best way to make this a positive is by figuring it out. Let’s just add another F in there for Figure It Out! There is a free website called Headersize.com that is awesome for all different social media header sizes. It can be really annoying and you can spend hours and hours and hours trying to figure it out. Let this website tell you what the latest measurements are that you need!

Thank It

Stay in the energy of  gratitude. Whether it is about Facebook or not, always stay in the place of gratitude for what is happening and the opportunities that it can bring!

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