Biz tip for creative entrepreneurs with Hashtag Legal! Live from blog paws!

Biz tip for creative entrepreneurs and influencers with Hashtag Legal!

(00:59) #1 Tip – what creatives should do to protect their business

(01:37) Free gift from Hashtag Legal (Negotiation Blueprint)

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  1. Hey hey Molly Good morning!

  2. Yes!! Always get it in writting!

  3. Ashley Ryan says:

    Your sound isn’t great

  4. Have a lawyer before you need a lawyer

  5. Hello !! The sound is cutting in and out when Molly is speaking.

  6. Love your mic 💖 But in and out.

  7. Always in writing!! CYA 😃👍

  8. Hey Molly, great advice!

  9. Never can know too many lawyers 🙌🏻

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