Black Friday – I don’t want to play so I’m doing a GIVEAWAY


Last year, I spent Thanksgiving with my sister and her family in San Fransisco.

When Black Friday hit, I became a literal crazy person.

Like, trying to grab all of the discounted programs I could find, and figuring out exactly how I was going to get my deals into the hands of every single person I knew.

It was silly. I missed out on time I could have been spending with my kiddos.

So – this year, I vowed to do something different.

You know what I did!?? I TOOK THE WHOLE WEEK OFF!!

I'm not going to lie, I had a little anxiety about it. AND, I survived! Our business survived! I didn't do a big ol' Black Friday discount, and you survived! Haha!

It showed me how insanely grateful I am for our ability to run our businesses EXACTLY LIKE WE WANT TO.

AND, it made me realize, I want to give back even more!

So, we are doing a big, crazy giveaway! Today through Friday!!

We'll be giving away 3 major amazing gifties and a few bonuses for our programs!


1. A big diva ring light – because #duh. It's the best way to improve your video quality instantly!

2. A LIFETIME membership in our MOLLSTARS MARKETING so that you can stay on top of the curve and stand out! (more info – (OMG priceless!)

3. ACCESS TO OUR FOUR MAIN COURSES! $997 $497 $497 $97


1. Join MollSTARS marketing by Friday at 6pm PT and get access to our BUSINESS PAGE MAKEOVER for free! ($97) – all current members get this too, check the fb group it's posted!

2. Join GLAM: Go Live and Monetize our semi private coaching program by Friday at 6pm PT and get one month for free!! OMG! All current members get this too! Comment with “more info” if you want more info about this! It's invite only.


Sooooo easy!

This is a Facebook and Instagram giveaway!

So, you'll need to

1. Like and Follow us on both Instagram and Facebook.

Here's the links to make it easy…

2. Comment on and like the picture that looks just like this one on Instagram.

3. And go to this post…

and tell us one thing you feel would help you to crush your goals this year. It can be anything, from extra support, to a mindset shift, to a specific question, or a result you'd like to see happen. We'll send you a message via messenger, to confirm you've entered.

You have to complete all of these steps or you won't be entered.

We'll be picking the winners Friday Night!!!

PS: This is in no way connected to Facebook or Instagram. We just love you and love giving you goodness so that you can step into your spotlight and change the world!

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